Sheriff Rob Maciol gives his perspective on recreational marijuana.

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  1. Dear Sheriff clueless numbnut , the increase fatal crashes doesnt prove that they were under the influence or high at the time of the crash. From Denver post "
    The article pointed to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    (NHTSA) statistics which show that the number of drivers in fatal
    accidents who tested positive for marijuana had risen by 145 percent
    between 2013 and 2016. Similarly, the percentage of drivers involved in
    fatal crashes who tested positive for marijuana grew, from 10 percent in
    2013 to 20 percent in 2016, the article said. 
    However, the Denver Post report highlights one important
    disclaimer. THC (the key component of cannabis) can stay in a person’s
    bloodstream for weeks after usage, meaning a positive test does not mean
    a driver was impaired at the time of a fatal accident, or that cannabis
    use caused the collision. 
    In general, marijuana use has significantly increased in Colorado since its legalization. According to figures
    from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, adults in the state
    who had consumed marijuana in the month before being surveyed went from
    being 12.86 percent of the adult population in 2012/13 to 16.62 percent
    in 2015/16. 
    That’s a rise of 29 percent, as compared to the 100 percent increase
    in the percentage of drivers in fatal accidents testing positive for
    cannabis (up from 10 percent to 20 percent.) This suggests that the
    general increase in cannabis consumption in Colorado could account for
    some of that rise in positive marijuana testing—but it remains a suggestion, without more effective testing for pot intoxication. "
    There are clear positives to cannabis legalization which in fact dwarf the harms casued by prohibition. You sir are parroting debunked talking points that really make you look like you are desperate, uninformed and ignorant on the subject. Alcohol and tobacco are the biggest gateway drugs and science has proven it. Alcohol is the gateway to cocaine and cigs are a gateway to ANY OTHER SMOKED DRUG.
    You know for a fact that those heroin addict all drank and smoked cigs before ultimately using it. The reason that alcohol is in fact the gateway is it will intoxicate you to the same level of intoxication as HARD DRUGS so one could use HARD DRUGS after using alcohol as a starting point of their first HARD drug experience.
    Do some research most cannabis users only use cannabis and many dont even drink or smoke cigs.
    Here is a huge BENEFIT pointed out by SANJE GUPTA MD you dont want a NON BIG PHARMA CURE DO YOU

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