Scotland Is Trying To Stop Its Alcoholics From Drinking So Much (HBO)

Last week, Scotland became one of the first countries in the world to take on cheap booze by introducing a “minimum unit pricing” on alcohol. And although the …


  1. The reason they brought in the minimum pricing was to target house drinkers, people that buy a lot of cheap alcohol and get wasted in their house and predrinkers, there isn’t minimum pricing in pubs/ nightclub, just in shops.
    I’m not too fussed by it, at the start I though it would make all alcohol really expensive but I’ve seen little increase on the alcohol I buy 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. A More Holistic approach is required church should play a vital role in this they should motivate them and this should be accompanied by rehab centres where they should be taught yo be high on life and not drugs and alcohol
    Secondly all the alcohol addicts should be engaged in our society in many ways they should be given responsibilities
    Such responsibilities can be of any nature weather they should be sent to some sports or should be asked to do social service etc
    Once they will realise how important is there good health for the society and how important they are to the people of that society and once they will get there respect back they will leave alcohol that i can guarantee

  3. alcohol is very expensive in canada but it doesn't stop alcoholics from drinking smh.. why should the public have to pay more because of others addictions?

  4. Increase the price of cheap booze and they'll turn to cheap drugs. The problem here is not the alcohol but education. Invest in treatment and public awareness instead or Scotland will have a bigger problem down the road….

  5. I hate this idea of taxing something will fix the problem, it's just a money grab and then a shrug of the shoulders and walk away, job done. But they job is not done is it. You just said the tax will fix the problem, but there are plenty of sin taxes and we still have the sin. Ask those politicians if they would spend those new ill gotten gains on health care programs to get those people real help and they will say shame on you, you communist.

  6. "400 died last year" So .07% of the population died from alcohol.

    So basically, this is an excuse to tax the hell out of a product bc the government wants more money.

  7. Disgusting. Its high time the governments of the world worried more about government and less about trying to regulate peoples lives. Its MY life, and I will make my own fucking choices thanks.

  8. I was wondering "How does this benefit the Elite and harm the workers?" for a moment. Then I realized. The purpose of this is to drive up crime. People are gunna get their fix, no matter what. Plus they didn't address the root of the the problem.

  9. As an alcoholic I know what it is like to physically NEED to self medicate from a life of using because of panic attacks. I originally called ambulances because of hyperventilating and feeling like I was having a heart attack. Alcohol was just an over the counter version of benzos. You will only see alcoholics start committing crimes to get money for alcohol. The root of the problem is mental health and addiction. You can not tax people into "morality" when it is not a morality issue at all. Inflict a per unit on heroin to get people to stop. Wait that won't work, because of ADDICTION. There was prohibition in the US and all it did was make people drink "bathtub gin" and in todays world you can get your hands on hand sanitizer that is almost all ethanol. You will just increase the number of gutter drunks. people will not buy food to be able to afford alcohol. people will get evicted to have money for alcohol. IMHO you will just see an increase in homelessness.

  10. Ontaio's LCBO does this and it seems ot work reasonably well. People just takes fentenol instead. Seriously the problem is that people wanting to get this F*d up don't care what does it. if people can't afford booze they'll switch to other stuff. Its a real problem. I do think minimum unit price does soem good, but you have to be prepared for the unintended consequences.
    Can't we just cynically drop people off at home instead of getting them medical atention? It'd do more good for public health to let thease sorts lay in thier own bed.

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