Retired Marine – 🔴 HempWorx Call Playback Link! 01/20/2019

Here is the Playback of HempWorx Special Call Sunday 20 Jan 2019 with Dr. Pamela Marcum, Debbie Wood & Steve Motley! …


  1. Hemp worxbmay be great but i despise MLM the only person who makes any money is the top few levels
    i am on CBD oil but didn’t join a MLM to get it buyer beware i got it from my local dispensary

  2. Im buying it mostly for my GF she has RA in her foot and all the dumbass doctors have is pills that do nothin on avg her pain is 7 out of 10 , ill keep you updated on her results 😋

  3. HOAX ALERT ;  Benjamin Fulford says France/Nice Truck Terror Attack was a HOAX in one of his latests posts and says France is HOAX Terror Country Nr. 1. and explains the details.

  4. Hey Steve, I uses it and love it. we have a place by my house that has it I stock. Started with the 750. Now use the 1500.cbd. I broke my neck in 2003. Been using it for about 2 years ,Not only did I get off the pain meds that I been on for years it's helped my overall health. I hope everyone watching your video really tries it they'll, love it. Nothing but love for your channel brother.

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