Philip DeFranco Sets a YouTube Record While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Philip DeFranco is O.G. YouTube royalty, and his eponymous show is a paradigm-shifting mix of news and opinion tackling everything from politics, to celebrity …


  1. Philip DeFranco would have been a very successful politician. No hate, I feel like he comes from a good place. He can make a topic neutral and interesting at the same time – a useful skill.

  2. What an amazing video and a great show thank you for having Philip DeFranco on the show and thank you Philip DeFranco for being on the show I felt the need to applaud in my living room after watching this.

  3. Recently came to this one from watching the Gordon Ramsey one. Honestly if it exists I wanna see someone bring their own hot sauce that's hotter than the hottest one on this show.

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