Paula Bennett reveals her cannabis experience after being named National’s drug reform spokesperson

She was also asked how she would vote on the cannabis legalisation referendum, saying, “I’m not a prude, I’m a Westie and I’m a realist”.


  1. These politicians need to be educated as to why this was made illegal around the world in the first place.

    Please look up Harry J Anslinger.

    It was to keep alcohol prohibition officers employed in the US, and the states did what they still do and forced/influenced other nations to make it illegal.

    Harry got 30 medical specialists to give him health opinions on cannabis. All but one said its not a health problem. Harry took that one negative report and convinced congress to rename cannabis to marijuana and keep his officers employed.

    The U.S. has lifted this unreasonable illogical ban, lets not be a bunch of idiots and forget the propaganda of a hundred years ago.

  2. This reform is important for people who need cannabis for medical treatment. This is not a laughing matter, Bennett. Nine years National, nine years and nothing. Listen to Bennett trying to come up with ways of preventing the cannabis reforms from succeeding in order to protect the corporate ownership of cannabis, big pharma.

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