Our Grow Setup: Drip Irrigation, DIY Fabric pots and Preparing Coco LED Cannabis Grow

We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to give you guys a more in depth look at how our grow works. A video we get asked for a lot is on our drip …


  1. Grow with Joker, Great info, thank you for doing these videos! Do you start watering 5 min each cycle 4x per day from the go with the seed/seedling? Also, do you start your nutrient strength at 1/4 strength from the start?

  2. Hey y'all, please don't think I'm stupid for asking questions,,but I don't smoke, I never grew any,,but I had a good idea, do different experiments on different kind,,video document and journal daily,, upload to my channel,,I'm learning by watching different videos.
    I have a few questions, how does most people get their seeds? I want to grow some awesome stuff,,,but if I could at least find someone with some "loud", do u think I could get any seeds from that??
    I want to grow the most beautiful, big and sticky budded,,plants . Hell I'd like to grow some of the blue I saw on a video lol
    And I'm curious,,if someone wanted to buy one plant that is the pretty blue kind….wonder how much a plant like that could sell for???

  3. Joker, that blue flexible riser, how is that used? I'm also curious about the sprinkler riser, the pump at Amazon has a barbed nipple and what looks like a kit for other types of hook ups. Was there a reason you opted for the sprinkler riser instead of 5/8ths tubing? I'm using a 20gal barrel and the more I've thought about it the more I like the idea of (I'm assuming) a more rigid pipe than tubing just to make it easier to take the pump in and out. What kind of discharge connection did you use to put the sprinkler riser on? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for adding some info about the drip system and how you prepare your coco. I think that is my next step once grow #3 is done here. Looking to see the results compared to growing in soil and hand-watering like I have been. You guys make great videos, keep it up!

  5. Nice! This is the one I was waiting for. By the way, that's gotta be the last woman in the US that can operate a Singer. Years ago I asked mine if she wanted a sewing machine and the look I got guaranteed I never mentioned it again. Just as well, after I said it I had a vision of dragging her and a sewing machine into the local ER to the tune of every rotten name she could think to call me every step of the way. Worked out for both of us.

    The last time I dealt with a pump was on a flood table so I never had to concern myself with the flow rate. Set the timer for four floods a day and it was on autopilot. Do you have to worry about the back pressure on a pump that's trying to push 200+ gph through the line while you're only going to drip less than twenty gallons over fifteen minutes? I have visions of shit flyin apart and hosing down my grow room. I guess there's not a lot of head pressure on a small pump like that but still, seems like something would have to give. Unless, are the impellers on those small pumps magnetically driven? That would make sense. Isolated from the motor the pressure could never get any greater than the irrigation line itself allowed through and the motor couldn't be hurt.

    How difficult are those little pumps to maintain? Although, at those prices it would be cheap enough to keep a couple of spares around in case one crapped out.

    Great tutorial and video! It gave me a lot to mull over and made things about as simple as they could have been made. I'm not brave enough to try the grow bags just yet but you guys make it look easy. I use a 25% Perelite mix and was wondering if that wasn't too much but multiple feedings makes that a non issue. That parts list makes it easy to boot so thanks for that too. This will be the first grow I'll get to see you guys do start to finish so that will be cool to watch. Very impressed. One last question, was that tape on the risers and if it was what kind is it and is it for the obvious reason?

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