Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6: Weedy Lakes | Danny Fairbrass 2019

Korda carp angler Danny Fairbrass shows exactly how to fish in and around weed using simple solutions you can follow to catch more carp. This Masterclass …


  1. Hi korda I'm surprised you guys haven't developed your own rods yet especially with the iconic korda logo the green dot and glasses and something like the old Diawa porky pig feeder rod with a full cork handle with it flattened down for underarm comfort..Just a thought… oh and nice vid Dan Bosh get in love it.

  2. Thanks Korda, for a fairly newcomer to Carp fishing, I think its good advice, you can always turn off the if these videos annoy you, but for me I like to learn how the so called Pro's do things, then I add my take on it (maybe not 2-3kg thou). 😁

  3. I have a genuine question. @korda
    Are you not concerned with the growing trend now being widely pushed of dumping leads all the time that this will have an adverse effect on the lake environment over a period of time and also the general waste this is ?

  4. I like Korda’s attitude and passion for the sport, all hosts are great fishers and top of the sport, but us minions can’t afford to spend £1500 per reel ( they have 5) or 10-15 spare spools, that’s not including the rods,bait, bivy and Danny’s electric barrow. I know, I’m jealous and would love to fish with that gear, but I would be happy to invite the Korda boys to a little comp fishing with the same spec gear that I have and see how they do…….

  5. Another brilliant masterclass. !!! Really enjoyed it I've been fishing all my life and now I'm just 64 and I'm still learning. Great video Danny keep the faith. Gur

  6. I understand the whole concept of doing the laps and location of the fish. Buy lets go to the real world where u live up north, where any venue your competeing with the anglers more than the fish coz your struggling to find a empty peg let alone having the whole water to your self . This isnt a pop at korda , they are all at it showing u unrealistic fishing

  7. Nice film, but I can not understand that still today you chose to drop the leads. Where are your sense of responsibility as big "leading" company (Korda)? Or is it too hard for you to work with companies who make stones, concrete or steel weight for fishing? Or develop something else?

  8. Lots of people slag this man off ,but he's a very passionate and skilled carp angler it doesn't mean if you get tackle etc free or cheap that your going to rip places apart.you have to be a dedicated and sensible fisherman. Like him or hate him his products have made carp fishing easier safer and better

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