1. if you think sativa best you on one lol, you gotta get that real hybrid. that kush hybrid from canada thats sticky af and dense , probly around 70% indica 30% sativa that bubba death kush or other bubba hybrids…best in the world

  2. sativa for days becuase will keeep you stoned for days the indica will make you sleepy and sloppy so pop that bong and carry on the chong love yall watching from england guys x

  3. Indica guy all the way, I love that body high it gives you and its like a painkiller.
    Sativa is just too much of a head high for me, makes me hellla paranoid and can sometimes even lead to a panic attack

  4. I would like indaca because it was the first weed that i have ever toke but at the same time it's the only type i have smoked. I am high rn. But u know i am having fun. Cheers.

  5. the only thing i dont like about sativa is that it really spikes up your heartrate and its uncomfortable if you havent eaten, but other than that i think its better than indica in every way, day or night. And one kind of weed that i honestly truly dont like is most kushes. Sometimes they even make me depressed because they give me extreme "call of the void" (google it) that wont go away for sometimes 20+ minutes and sometimes its maddening. Only ever happens on Kush though, which oddly seems to be the favorite around where i live. but anyway yea, sativa all the way. Indica sucks tbh (my personal opinion) and if anything, hybrids are what i prefer for a good nights rest. Pure indica will more often than not have me crying myself to sleep over what i realize only later was the silliest shit.

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