I bought 181 shares $1991 USD Worth of High Times Stock HITM

Yesterday i bought $1991 worth of High Times stock at $11 181 total shares pre ipo – Septemebr 12th is the deadline to buy High Times pro ipo – Rich TV is …


  1. Hits is a $40M dollar company that is $43M in debt, selling shares at a $240M evaluation. On day one the share price will drop to a dollar. Guys, do some research before giving these crooks your money.

  2. I too invested in High Times back in Oct, 2018 and to date have heard nothing! ANYONE hear anything at all? Today is Jan, 20, 2019. It's really starting to make me nervous as I've trusted their name to replace all else that didn't seem quite right.

  3. I was going to invest but apparently their new ceo Adam Levin has a history of fraudulent behavior and they are in serious debt. Plus obviously they have extended their deadline meaning not enough people have invested to keep them afloat so far. I love the high times but its definetly pass not puff on this one.

  4. Has anybody heard anything from High Times about when this stock is going to hit the market? They haven't even posted a news article on their site about this. I'm about to demand a refund of my money if they don't want to keep us informed.

  5. Am I missing something?

    High Times is a publishing company with a market cap of 15x gross revenue AND aprox. 43m in debt.

    Their total expenses are 200% of revenue. Meaning for every 1 dollar they earn they’re spending 2.

    The very reason they’re allowing unaccredited investors to buy common stock is because no one else wants to invest and they don’t have the capital to pay off the significant amount of debt that’s due this year.

  6. So, HITM is strictly clothing… not actually a medical dispensary? I'm lost, please explain…
    The High Times Group does not cultivate, dispense or sell cannabis or any derivatives of the cannabis plant, such as oils or edible products, although cannabis and products utilizing or relating to cannabis have been used and sold at the trade shows and festival events operated by the THC Group since 2010 in states that permit the medical and recreational use of cannabis.

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