1. First of all a huge THANK YOU for everything. My question is , any chance that IF may cure or at least improve tinnitus? I start IF couple of months and it literally changed my life in good. At first I was doin 18:6 every day and now I’m Omad for Monday Wednesday and Friday with 18:6 rest of the days. I would try 72 hours water fast to see if any benefit may appear on my tinnitus. So far nothing …
    Anyway I will keep it as a life stile from now , with or without any effect on my tinnitus. Thank you doc and God Bless you !!! God bless all of us !!!

  2. Dr. Berg
    How long do we need to fast to get rid of liver and muscle carbs?
    How long do we need to fast for autophagy to begin?
    16 hours daily is it making something besides of consuming fat deposits?
    How long for brain benefits?
    Can 13 y/o kids do fasting or try to be in ketosis?
    More info or bibliography on autophagy please.

    thank you.

  3. The prophet of Islam actually taught us to fast twice a week – from sunrise to sundown – 1400 years ago. And once a year we fast 30 days straight also from sunrise to sundown. In islam fasting means abstaining from all food, drink, seaxual intercourse and smoking. It also has a spiritual component which means you are supposed to be extra vigilant when it comes to abstaining from foul language and all other sorts of bad conduct and engage in extra spiritual practice like praying and meditating.

  4. One thing I noticed when I do IT, it makes you more cognizant of big picture in every event, you are less reactive to pieces of events within the whole picture. It gives you this wisdom at least.

  5. I've been doing 16 hour intermittent fasting for about 4 months and this past month, interjecting one longer 36-40 hour fast a week. I've felt/seen a lot of positive benefits EXCEPT I've noticed a LOT of hair fallout the last 2 months. Do you think the IF could be causing this?

  6. I used to fast for about 24-36 hours every other month or even every month. I found it very interesting but my goal never was loosing weigt but a general wellbeing. So this video confirms what I've always believed. But… Ten years ago I started running marathons and triathlons so a part of morning runs just on water I cannot imagine how I could include the intermitent fasting into my training routine. Could you give me some tips please ? Thanks a lot for your videos that are very useful and pleasant to wach.

  7. My concern with I.F. is how it will effect hormone levels. I have had hormone imbalances for a long time–probably due to high stress and a poor diet. I have been "skinny fat" for over a decade (slim but excess abdominal fat) and have battled cystic acne for almost 2 decades. I tend to skip meals, undereat, and then gorge on high fat/high sugar foods when stressed. For the past two months I've been trying really hard to lower my stress levels, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and eat more healthfully. I keep hearing about the benefits of I.F. but also hear that it's not great for women due to it causing hormonal imbalances. As someone trying to balance their hormones, I want to know, is I.F. beneficial or not? Please do a video for women like me! Thanks 🙂

  8. Dr Berg. Why do I keep thinking about food while intermittent fasting? When i wake up in the morning, have my herbal teas and coffee till noon, I cant seem to shake off the " looking fwd to eating at noon time" feeling. As a result I cant get any work done because I keep looking at the clock waiting for noon! 🙁

  9. So wait all these years skipping breakfast and not eating till 1-2pm due to being a lazy teen are gooood for me? The nutrition industry keeps changing its mind its hard to know who's right when there's 10,000 opinions all with 'studies'. Im just gona eat good whole foods when im hungry and exercise, f#@k the minor details.

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