Cannabis: a sacred plant and a growth industry

Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, and Donisha Prendergast, activist and granddaughter of Bob and Rita Marley, will discuss the power of brands to …


  1. The hiller is gandia is 🌿 it levitate us the real one not one touch by ext cause back inday our ancestors used for hiller to fix our self to conecter with the cosmos like heaven.becaful don't smoke that one cause your don't know what's innet becaful.

  2. Yes I YeS I, Bless JAH the Almighty certainly give thanks, Yes I prayer before I eat, and prayer over the fruit I bless with my mouth first before I eat, Yes I as long as it is righteous in His I's I am alright, the same for my store, JAH bless INI store, and pray for your blessings YAHWEH in every way where I am, untill I get too my own land and bless it! Be with the I in all that I do Amen!!

  3. You all should know that the USA. has impeded Jamaica's opportunity to enter into the Cannabis /Ganja industry, although we advertised it more than anyone else before acceptance, we have to be careful not to be blacklisted financially, ''especially as how we now have an IMF agreement, if we do so.
    do not encourage people to SMOKE THIS STUFF, FOR ANY FORM OF SMOKE ENTERING THE LOUNGS IS VERY, VERY ,BAD. there are many other ways to utilize this stuff apart from smoking.

  4. collision indeed ! It hurts to have Herb being spoken of as " a product " .
    It hurts even 2name Herb in the same frase as " industry" = Babylon terms rulin , babylon de-secrating evrything that is holy , for money !
    Maybe leaving Herb with a decriminalized status , is better 4now . BE wary ! !

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