1. Off subject of this great video, but…. just got an update for your ebook, and I just want to thank you for your integrity! You are an amazing business owner, and I will tell everyone I know to buy your books! <3 I love that you update the links even if they were purchased long ago! Still using all the recipes too…delicious!!!

  2. Hannah, why are there no update on the handeeman channel?

    Btw, I recently had a deep thought about vegan stuff, and by knowing about you and your hubby and how good you guys seems to feel about it, makes me wonder if i could make it too. Any ideas and thought to an total vegan newb?

  3. Great recipes (as usual!) Yesterday (for the umpteenth time) I made your Thai Napa Cabbage recipe which is a favorite of mine. I think the Vegan Alfredo will be another favorite! Thanks!

  4. You have made such a progress, although you might not be aware of it! So glad you begun these series of videos of muscle building ,or better said, getting shredded on a vegan diet! It's such so motivating to see how your your thoughts change and how your days look like (day in ,day out) in persut of that goal! You are great! Hope you will keep up with this content!

  5. According to MM, acne is from strep, and it can take a long time to heal from strep. Grains feed strep, so in addition to drinking the celery juice he should avoid wheat, rice, corn and all other grains.

  6. Yes! Darren and I are on the cleanse! 3 weeks in on raw fruit and veg with celery juice first thing on an empty stomach. We started out thinking we’ll do it for a month, now we are going to push it for two months! Trying to heal my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Will head to gym for the second month. We are documenting it on our new fb page “gettin it back” 🤗 So far, energy levels are up, which is huge for me as I was suffering bad with fatigue. Weight is going down, and no more hunger! I was always hungry but this cleanse is so satisfying. The first week I craved savoury food but I’m all good now. No coffee, no sugar… again huge as I’m a coffee Addict! I switched to roasted dandelion and coconut sugar with oat milk, though not every day.

  7. Can you and Derrick do a celery juice review/video after a month of doing it? I’m considering it for my digestion issues, but I’m so sensitive I’d like to get a review from people I trust before I dive into it. 💖💕💗

  8. hey Hannah check out this lady on YouTube called Connie's rawsome kitchen she has the most amazing recipes on vegan meat I've tried some of them and they are delightful definitely look into it

  9. I know you two do your own thing but if you wouldn't mind asking Derrick to provide SOME sort of update or good bye or whatever to his channel so I at least know if I should unsub and forget about following the garage build. There are a lot of people area mixture of confused, concerned and put off.

  10. Hi Hannah, have you explored Ayurveda? It's an ancient holistic healing system centred around digestive health (it may help with acne). There's a good introductory book by Anjum Anand. BW x

  11. I finally jumped on the red lentil pasta train! Love that you are promoting just whole foods now, especially with the vegan community kinda in a frantic I think it is awesome showing well balanced vegan diets 🙂

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