1. If orcs suffered thru chattel slavery in some form and the Dark Lord was basically their Nat Turner meets Kilmonger and had the entire world about to be crushed by a nearly unified army of orcs rising up against the other races, a movement that could've only been taken down by a revolt amongst the orcs, THEN it would make sense that the other races still don't trust orcs and orcs don't trust their own kind who go out of their way to forsake their culture to work for or with humans and elves, ESP is the Dark Lord is taken as a serious threat that could be resurrected and reunite the orcs (and potentially sympathizing inferni elves and humans too, or w.e.?)

    Bright would've benefited from being a fully fleshed out book series that became a movie franchise before being the Netflix movie of a hill Max Landis died on

  2. Personally, I like Bright very much, it’s just that they should gone over the production carfuly, leaving Los Angeles the way it is in real life with all the nine races coexisting and judged only by the context of their character and personality, having all types of jobs to choose from with some concepts of the races themselves changed a bit to make it look life-like. This is one of the films I feel sorry for next to Alien 3.

  3. You mention several times that Bright didn't hire a screenwriter, but didn't Max Landis write the screenplay for "Bright", or is he not considered the screenwriter? In any case, he has always been someone whom I've really wanted to like, but every time I see him in a non-interview setting he has always been teetering on the fence between "seems likable" and "totally full of himself", and that pretty much describes my reactions to the stories he has written, including and perhaps especially "Bright". It's like this movie wants to be relevant, wants to be edgy, wants to be avant garde, wants to be hip with the current hot topics of racism and urban life, and definitely wants to seem new and fresh with the whole fantasy-integration thing… but it just ends up trying way, WAY too hard to shove it all into our faces and down our throats, and expects us to say, "Oh wow, look how cool and hip and with-it this movie is, and it has action scenes, too!" But in the end, it just trips over its own self-importance and becomes a clumsy mess that seems like it could've been kinda good if it hadn't been rolling in the gutter a few too many times.

  4. Ok I thought of another alternate universe franchise that doesn’t make any damn sense but they still throw in real world references.
    Pixar’s Cars.
    I think the weirdest thing in Cars isn’t in the movie, but got me thinking about just how frustrating that franchise is was when I found out that in their Cars Action Figure set, they were selling a Popmobile car. Meaning that there were Cars more than 120ish years ago, and even worse, there was a Car Jesus. And it made me spiral into this whole weird thought process. In the film the car’s models line up with their actual age. So there couldn’t have been any Cars with motors before our universe had Cars. And also other modes of transportation are anthropomorphic. But before the steam engine, everything was run by horses, right? We don’t see any animals in the Cars universe, so did there used to be horses that all just went extinct as soon as engines became a thing? We’re engines invented by a horse drawn cart or wagon? Would their face be right behind the horse’s ass?
    It’s just…. I hate the Cars franchise

  5. If some individual or organization is going to spend millions or tens of millions of dollars to make a movie, then how does it happen that they care so little about the making of the movie as to end up with this thing called Bright?

  6. I was so ready for a Shadowrun movie, and then this was the worst Shadowrun movie ever. Were they just too scared (of the challenge of executing or maybe IP infringement) to go with the "elves/orcs are recent mutations" explanation? As the video said, you gotta keep that divergence point recent or whatever your plot is vanishes behind the growing confusion of "but then how is X still here".

  7. Bright has a ton of wasted potential. It's extremely easy to see all of the wasted opportunities – to the point where you can write a better story with your eyes shut. They had an extremely interesting world, and squandered it.

  8. Eh, it feels they tried to force the 'casual racism thing on it only for the shock factor, which kinda makes it pathetic considering i would rather pick cotton in the US back in the old days than to be "free" in some of the real bigoted shitholes of today. Have a sub, 'bright eyes

  9. Lindsay, yours is a very well thought out analysis and criticism. I cannot find much if anything to disagree with. Thanks for ruining what I thought of as an entertaining B movie despite its obvious flaws and shallow "tropy" treatment of racism. I liked it because I love sci-fi/fantasy (not to mention the fan-favorite cast members like Will Smith and Noomi Rapace – admittedly not a very high bar), and there is a lot a lot a lot of really really really Bad un-entertaining sci-fi on Netflix. But, great work! I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and honest analysis.

  10. You've clearly seen the movie if you're going through it bit by bit, so why are you calling the orc character JAKE-oby, when his name is clearly said, multiple times, as Ja-KOBE-y. That's so frustrating I might not be able to watch the entirety of this thing.

    Aaaah you got it right after a while. Much better. XD

  11. take a step back and look at it again through the lens of a pen and paper game. This movie is basicly modern day D&D. So the reason some characters seem off is because the players. Also the fact they did not move or seem to not fully act with the damage they got is because of the HP system lol

  12. 'Crash' used the race of its characters to explore the prejudices of the individual. It wasn't looking to find a solution to 'structural inequality'. It was looking to find our common humanity. People trash that film mainly because it won the Best Picture Oscar and, for some reason, everyone thinks only the films they approve of artistically and politically should ever win any awards.

  13. As a huge fan of Urban Fantasy I was in love with what they were trying to do in this movie, but I agree with your criticisms, now I get why I haven't rewatched this movie a single time. It would have been a complete failure if it wasn't for Smith and his costar.

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