1. I looked up this review because I recently got some and wanted some opinions. For comparison, his descriptions are mostly spot on, but to me it does feel like a munch strain and sleepy strain. So, anyone with eating disorders or insomnia, this may be able to help you. Not my favorite seeing as how it's a heavy indica. Muscles relax hard. I'm more of a uppity sativa guy. I don't ever like to eat or sleep on my bud, but very quality strain/grow in my opinion.

  2. Got a half ounce of Blue Cheese getting delivered tomorrow. Cant wait to smoke a few bowls tomorrow night after I get home from work! I am a Network Engineer and when I get home I just want to shut my mind off….Blue Cheese sounds like it's the ticket.😉😎🤗

  3. I was smoking with my friend back from middle school. We said we'll roll a joint each and smoke it back to back. My friend brought his homie with him and he had a fat nug of blue cheese. I like to think that I smoke gas but when I smoked his shit Holy fuck!! The hit was so harsh and it felt like Mike Tyson bodied the shit out of me and I fucking died. This shit hit me so hard I forgot I already smoked a fat joint before smoking his. I was so sketched out I thought he laced me. (Cuz I think good weed isnt suppose to be harsh, and his was so harsh 😫)

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