Bloomberg: Legalizing Weed Is ‘The Stupidest Thing Anybody Has Ever Done’

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday said that attempting to legalize recreational marijuana “is perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has …


  1. Bloomberg is probably unaware of the number of alcohol overdoses in the US that happen every year. It is about 2,300. While that is less than opioid overdoses it is far higher than marijuana overdoses which are zero. This rich bastard running as a Democrat in 2020.

  2. Mike Tyson says he’s much meaner and angrier on days he doesn’t take marijuana and he doesn’t like himself when he’s not had marijuana. He gets short tempered when he doesn’t have it. It is likely that the aggression could be from some sort of a withdrawal effect because he takes it every day. What if it’s medically helpful for aggressive people and could help people with traumatic life histories and anger issues with integrating into society?

  3. Really wish there was some kind of age restriction on these positions cause now we need to wait for most of these fossils to die before we can move forward

  4. Yet another ignorant, out of touch billionaire white dude thinks he's entitled to the presidency, based on being wrong about everything. Not at all surprising.

  5. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Having a DEA is actually probably the dumbest thing a "free country" has. A corporate vandalist agency with guns waging war on plants and powders that are not used as weapons and robbing and arresting people in the process. Land of the free and home of the brave but we're scared of plants and powders to the point of guns.

  6. They want the "war on drugs" to continue for their for-profit prisons! How much did he make off of that, I wonder! He wants people to keep suffering when cannabis is CLEARLY medicine! Medicine that a lot of people have waited a LONG time to get.

  7. I'm with Bloomberg on this one. What, weren't the calamities that are Big Tobacco and Big Pharma enough of a warning? We have to keep repeating the mistakes of the past and unleash another addictive, destructive drug within in shopping centers so the wealthy elite can get even wealthier at our expense? Only a complete idiot would endorse recreational weed.

  8. He will NEVER win. Old rich DUMMY. Stuck in his old narrow myopic views about things. What's making him think that THIS generation would ever listen to his crappy establishment rhetoric. Fuckin' clueless. *smfh*

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