1. Hi Matt 🤩 Nice review. I like that box mod type.👍 I recently bought a 1300 variable, similar to yours here. Except the voltage change is controlled w/ button , very handy to change that & the airflow.
    I'm using a full spectrum CBD 500 vape, it's nice enough, it says it's an "additive", or vape it alone which I do. To add to what, I'm not sure! 🤔 I don't know the pg/vg ratio of it.
    I wish I knew how to make Kief viable to add to my vape experience 🤗 I know first step, with heat tongs. It's which oils to use & how to clean & mix it in.. If anyone has a pointer to a video , I'd be greatful 🧜‍♀️💞

  2. Ooze compact is the best one, it’s been a year and only problem I have is that sometimes it won’t hit very hard but all you have to do is charge it

  3. Matt glad to see you back I have a question again since I lost a lot of stuff what is the name of that metal screens again thank you please be patient with me what happens when you have a brain trauma I fell 11 feet from the roof of my mother's house doing much much better but still lot of broken bones trying to heal not healed taking longer than I thought thank you

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