BEAUTY NEWS – 25 January 2019 | New Releases & Updates

Welcome to this week’s episode of Beauty News where we discuss pre-release & new release makeup and beauty products, time stamps below. This episode of …


  1. I love watching you ladies….I think you should definitely know that its expensive to be us is a from Erika’s song which is extremely popular in the LGBT world, a lot of people may think that this collection is bragging, but that’s kinda Erika’s thing because she’s definitely filthy filthy rich, but the most down to earth person ever.

  2. I nearly lay an egg myself when that Viseart palette came up on the screen! I’ve been waiting and watching for a cool toned palette with purples and cool taupe and brown with both matte and shimmer. I’ve never spent THAT much money on one eyeshadow palette but I may just have to get this one. I’m waiting to see what the new Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette looks like that’s supposed to be out in the next month or two. I believe it’s supposed to have some purples in it, but who knows. This might be as close to my perfect dream color story as I will get. 🖖🏻👽😠

  3. The Chantecalle line is so artistically fresh. Brilliant correlating it with polar bears and ice: polar bears are actually black with the hair follicles of the fur hollow with no pigment which together creates a prism effect with the snow and ice reflecting the sunlight. Love it

  4. I never liked Too Faced products but now that I know what a douche the owner is and his new collab with that trashy woman I'm straight up boycotting it. His Melted Mattes are lovely but smell like crayons and old lipstick that I cannot get past. Anyone else have that issue? I got it in Sephora Play once and it didn't smell that way at first but mere months later it turned. But I liked it so I bought a full size and it smelled exactly the same right away-yuck!

  5. 😡 When Viseart decides to release a palette that is comprised of your favorite and most flattering tones…during your low buy. It shall be mine! In a few months when I've earned it.

  6. I think this is the first time I've ever been excited for a Lancome release. That palette looks beautiful! Their lipstick glosses look nice, too. They remind me of the Marc Jacobs enamored hydrating lip gloss stick (which I ❤ LOVE). You know what else I LOVE? You girls and your awesome team. 😙❤

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