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  2. Nunchucks are Japanese and I did karate for a few years and learned to use them.
    The reason you never see a nunchuck fight is because they are useless against eachother. They are really good for disarming people with swords, pole arms and other rigid weapons. The moves you are doing are not actual attacks but the transitions between attacks. Not to say the transitions don't hurt if they hit.

    Also straight spins are less impressive looking than figure 8 swings. Give that a go with the shoulder passes and stuff. It lets you change directions of swings easier.

  3. Very fun to play with all the strikes and such, but was a little disappointed nobody talked about the defensive use of nunchaku. Like a tonfa, it's not just a piece of wood to hit people with, isn't it also a handy way to block things you don't want to get hit with (knife, sword, etc)? Not to mention grabs using the chain…

  4. Nunchaku would be useful if someone is, like, disarmed or using a knife or something, but how the fuck would it work against someone with a sword or any amount of armour?
    Or, uh, a spear? Cuz most of Asia was using spears as their main weapon.

  5. Anyone interested in learning more should try taking a look at Kobudo, the lesser known "sister" of karate. Karate focuses more on the hand-to-hand fighting, while kobudo is the formalized weapons art. Matayoshi Kobudo is a cool varient that exists to this day! They've got a form known as "Kata no Nunchaku", which is a pretty apt name.

  6. Holding lower on the handle for more power but less control is the same from practically any tool or weapon with a handle, axes, machetes, war picks, escrima sticks you name it

    Also what you guys were talking about in terms of leg placement and driving with your whole bodyis pretty much true for every armed and unarmed martial art

  7. The figure 8's are meant to be defensive. Imagine that you are creating a shield in front of you with the motion of the 8. This concept is also true of some of the flourishes that you mentioned.

  8. Brian, you're holding it too close to the end. You should hold it almost by the chain, for better control of it. The nunchuck is a mobility and momentum weapon, keeping it and yourself in movement is very much key to it's power. I've had some training with it and the closer to the chain you hold it the better control you have, and the better control you have the better confidence you have on keeping it moving and striking with it. And because of how the nunchuck is keeping it moving even after you strike is very important so you learn to keep control of it after you miss a strike in a real combat situation. The moments the nunchuck is supposed to be still is when it's close to you, and you're prepared to use it again.

  9. We really need a nunchuck expert for this one. I feel like two people watched a couple of Bruce Lee movies and two or three YouTube tutorials and decided that they were going to teach a class on nunchucks themselves. Oh wait, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what this is. #BecauseImAModernRogue 🤦‍♂️

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