3d Print Door Decor, Island Cabinets & Aluminum Casting | Earthbag Kitchen & Bath Ep41 | Weekly Peek

Bryson, Mom and Bree were very busy creating more great art pieces for the ship theme in the new bathroom. Bryson 3D printed a realistic Porthole, Bolts and …


  1. You guys are such a wonderful family and never fail to make me smile. Thanks for allowing us to come with you on your journey. I think i speak for everyone when i say we truly enjoy the content and all the positivity, creativity, and hard work you all put in every week. You guys are awesome!!

  2. Hey Bree and family, well you did it again, you managed to cheer me up and put a smile on my face. But Bree, you totally crack me up, I cant remember what you said to Bryson coz I have a memory like a sieve, but I had tears I laughed so hard. It was over 2 hours ago since I watched it though, I got distracted after you and Shelly talked about the big ugly wall, I then happened to see the takedown party livestream, I thought, I've never seen that I might watch a bit. Well I couldn't stop watching it, you are infectious Bree, I could keep listening to you talk all day. You are 10/10. Oh and I did keep hoping you would string together an, "Alright alright alright". You got close but not quite lol. I wonder if you know who I'm referring to that says that, you have to imagine it said in a southern accent though. Here I am babbling about nonsense in another really long message, sorry about that. Take care homestead family, love all you do.
    Oh and btw, I was really hoping you looked really young for your age, I'm totally devastated that you are only 23, how am I going to sweep you off your feet when you come to Australia now, I'm old as dirt compared to you. Haha but you do kinda love dirt, I'm still in with a chance, wooohooo.

  3. Definately, one of the best series on YouTube. Another terrific window into amazingly creative solutions to building a wonderful home. The porthole and bolts on the door are beyond cool, and creating the cast cleats and ships wheel surround for the door handle was great to watch. I've been building cabinets for over 40 years and Dad's cabinet building is first rate, despite his limited experience. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. This question is for Bryson ,I want to learn how to do the 3D printer but no one seems to be able to explain it in an easy way for me, is there any way you can do a video on how to operate install and all the program necessities for 3D printing?

  5. I was wondering if you thought about putting the towel holder pieces horizontal and using rope to create a couple loops on each side to hold the towels? Love watching your family working together.

  6. I'm not one to be a Safety Sally…
    But you guys really need to use jack stands when under vehicles.
    Jacks fail … more often than people like to talk about. Jack stands save lives (and provide more room for activities!).

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