24 Days off Heroin & Cocaine! Kurt and Natalie

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  1. I just saw your video for the first time on your seventh day getting cleaned from heroin. I’m Not a user But I do have family members that have used heroin. My brother at the age of 21 passed away from a heroin overdose. We don’t talk about that as a family but there is a big scar that won’t go away. It was a long struggle to get my sister clean and while using it she lost her children, she lost family for while, she lost trust from everyone and she had to do jail time more than once. She’s been clean for more than 15 years and now she has her grown daughters, grandchildren And her family back. Now we can celebrate holidays all together without fear that she will steal again. There is hope to recover from this and see that life can be much better. It’s never too late. I pray for your brother and wife. I can see they are still struggling with the ugly beast. Hang in there don’t give up on them. Will keep watching your videos keep me posted on their well-being and of yours of course. be careful and don’t fall back, stay focus on your recovery. you Matter !!!!!

  2. Thank you for you and your family..im struggling getting thru the withdrawals methadone cold turkey day 20 your encouraging..my man is tree man chasing the storm hurricane Michael he is my only support I just pray I can get thru this and i will…i just want to feel normal my energy. Love and light to you and your family!

  3. Just came across this and I can really say you are an inspiration to people like me, I've been a junkie now for twenty two years and on a methadone script for at least sixteen years, I have always worked and still at the age of fifty four I have a great job as a manager and apart from my thin appearance no one knows what I do away from work, I hope you have kicked it's arse and you are still clean ! I would love to get off but I can't stop working to detox as my family needs my wage to help keep a nice roof over our heads. I can't really see a way out for me because if I admit my problem I will loose my job and upset my elderly father, he has already lost one son to it, I don't know what to do but I will watch how you both do and see if I can find a way to get clean without fucking everything up, good luck and keep me posted on your recovery.

  4. Major props to you guys for being able to turn your lives around! I came from watching your first sobriety videos to this…… AMAZING! Your wife looks familiar btw…..I believe I saw her last week at the dentist with your daughter….. God bless y'all and hope life continues to get better for y'all!

  5. Been watching ur videos for a yr now and I love to see that u n ur bro r doing well. One thing I wanna highlight here that u guys have done also; methadone and other substitutes suck and they only prolong ur addiction and use and postpone the inevitable. I for one have not only not managed to quit da damn mmt but I ended up shooting da damn pills up. My regular dose I get from da clinic is 100mgs and I shoot up 200+mgs at once. Use dope whenever I come across somethig good n strong but cuz of da drug tests at da clinic, which could end up in me getting kicked out n losing my daily mmt dose, and da fact that I got my fix secured and can count on it being given to me daily, I continue to do this shit. This shit caused me to lose my veins which were so obvious n big n healthy that i never needed a tie to pop my veins up for a decade until a yr ago when after just 2-3 mths of not even daily shooting up mmt, my arms have been stripped clean of veins. It's nasty n dangerous n ridiculously hard to come off da damn thing and as much as i see what's doing to me, losing my pro hockey career, losing my great airline job, dropping my phd just before graduation, etc. I simply cannot stop. I wish someone locked me in rehab and kept me away from da shit until i get my freakin brains back!!! Just long enough to be able to go a day without dope, to teach me how to do this!!! I'm going down fast and my days r numbered and i can't see a way outa this. Thing is no matter how sick i am i can't let my family see me like that just like i can't let them see me high or using or nodding out like a freakin junky that i am!!! It's bad!
    Stay strong guys and keep posting for it's helpful to both u and us! God bless!

  6. Keep going this time my brother, you CAN make it! I've watched my wife do it….even when she went through so many relapses with me! We both have Hep C and while she was clean and taking her meds, (we both had a year and a half completely clean) having to inject her with Interferon, triggererd me and I lost my 18 mos… since then, and that was years and years ago I have NOT illegally purchased drugs! Unfortunately I stay on Methadone Maintenance. Keep doing what you are doing, hit those meetings! You can do it, I know MANY who have!

  7. sexy chick id like to eat her snatch n lik it dry…yea lets get faded n go out sexy ma…neway 24 days give u a clap..join the mil. u will relapse everyone does..o its yo wifey shes using u..she was a herion ho bet good head nuthin like banging n turn n out yur wife ti get high witg y ou nnl twi addicts nvr work n a relationship so good u try n stay clean god how u ever afforded her fix without her trick n out or doin your dealers my woman banged 20 nigs gang banged n taped all cause it was her hustle she was hot n. didnt real7e she was worth way more money then a dope bag its so sad the painfully storys of lost love cause of crack coke n boi n dope

  8. Suboxone is also addictive. You can & you will withdrawal from that as well.
    Exactly as his wife said. It's irritating.
    Kratom is even worse. I see people pushing Kratom to get off of opioids & I'm telling you DON'T TOUCH IT.
    Try being on pure powder form of Kratom for 2 years.
    Winging down from that is misery. No sleep, body aches, waking up in wet bed sheets, irritation & moody as hell.
    It sucks! Then your mind plays tricks on you & you want to try to find suboxone to help but it's all just a vicious circle.
    If anyone is reading this … PLEASE don't touch anything. It's not worth it.

  9. dude i fucking love you guys i have a thin layer of ice covering my back I'm on day 2.. your 17 day video made me cry and I'm no bitch. thank you for making these it provides the tiniest bit of relief and anything helps

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