Sorority: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Ahhh… Sororities and Fraternities. They often embody the pinnacle of our youth. When I started to get closer to God …


  1. There are a lot of commenters who are spreading an alternative message in the comment section. Before God made these revelations to me, I would have been saying the same things. But now that I know, and now that you've seen this video – we are held responsible to respond accordingly. Don't be swayed by those who may still be in the midst of darkness. This video was not easy for me to share, but I did it to spread truth and awareness about the revelations God has brought to my attention. Thank you all for watching!

  2. You were part of an organization that you know the history of, and you want to now paint this devilish picture of it? What part of the history of the organizations tells us there’s anything evil or demonic attached to any sorority? Being part of an organization of sisterhood was never about stripping you or any other member of your identity or the purpose God has for your life. YOU were allowing it to come before God. If YOU were falling weak to YOUR flesh, and doing all kinds of foul and unnecessary worldly things that have NOTHING to do with the mission of the organization, then that’s YOUR conviction. The women in my family have been part of the D9 since before I was thought of. But that was never put before family, or God honey. It’s called having a balance. If you’re responsible and not chasing the wrong things INTENTIONALLY, then you can remain grounded. If you didn’t put God first, that’s YOUR fault honey.

  3. 🤣People really upset that a person doesn't want to remain aligned with the occult/pagan rooted fraternities, that derive their celebration, events, meetings, badges, insignia etc… from Ancient Roman/Greek secret societies…that contradict Biblical text. Despite those same people espousing to know and follow it

  4. first of all you Americans are dumb fucks ignorants…you have no idea where the word greek came from…..there are no greeks but Helens fools…..the word greek was used by ancient Italians…and who are they?we don't give a fuck…actually we are Pelasgians.

  5. All of y'all are angry about what she's saying…but all I hear are crickets and no anger whenever I hear "ALL OF MY LOVE, MY PEACE AND HAPPINESS, I'M GONNA GIVE IT TO XYZZZ" on the yard.
    That's textbook definition of idolatry and occultic selling your soul for gain! And all frats and sororities sing that song at almost every stroll off…sooooo what's all the outrage for?

  6. This is the second video I have seen on sorority sisters denouncing. I honestly have to say that I learned of this about a year ago through a great friend. He always spoke of this on his Facebook page. I have a daughter in her sophomore year in college who wanted to pledge. After knowing what I know now, I knew I had to instill this in my daughter. She was not pleased with our conversation, but needless to say, SHE DIDNT PLEDGE!! I have her information to read up on this. She had to read or see it for herself to know. I told her that she could not possibly love God, yet want to pledge. She told me that she was not a Christian so she didn’t see how this tied into her wanting to pledge. I implied to my daughter that I love her very much and I would love to see her face in the next life, but of pledging was in her agenda, I saw no other way for my baby to have eternal life. The dues were ridiculous to pledge. $2,000 just to pledge and that money can be used for her education, I think not. Don’t know whether me discussing this with her or the money was the issue, but I can thank my Father cause she chose not to pledge!!

  7. God has nothing to do with your Greek Organization…..I wear my sweater to church…..and if you ever felt the Holy Spirit you will know it had nothing to do with your clothing……as a fact you won't even know you got clothes on your body…….lol

  8. I'm about to start the process of denouncing Sigma Lambda Gamma (Part of the Zeta's/Sigma's) I feel no STRONG conviction but certainly enough to know I need to denounce because of the oath, the rituals and the idolatry. I crossed 7 years ago and educated 2 lines so I am planning to write them a letter explaining this so they can ask questions and then I will formally self terminate. I didn't realize how extremely difficult it would be to throw out all the paraphernalia so I have been doing it gradually. Eventually getting to my decked out line jacket. I want God to make it easy for me.

  9. Basically to make sure y’all don’t waste your time . She left because “ GOD told her to” good video very motivational. But as a person that is catholic but not this extreme. I don’t believe god tells you to do anything. You are your own person and god is not changing that Personally i do as I please , end of the day he has a plan and I don’t chase him. Being in sorority doesn’t impact your place in god heart and if being in a sorority changed you that was on your half. Going to party’s doesn’t mean you are playing in the devils hand. If god has a plan won’t he already know your going to a party to Begin with? Their for you left because YOU wanted to NOT GOD. ( which isn’t bad , people are just not meant for the sisterhood ) But what bother me is saying it in way that put your actions as a form of god wanting you to leave. Maybe I misinterpreted your video . If I did I’m terrible sorry for not being educated. But this is the vibe I received form watching your video . ( ohhh and yeah before y’all attack me , this is the first video I see of her so I don’t know what her channel is about .. I just clicked based on the title)

  10. 2 things to consider:

    Does the Greek life bring you more intimate and closer to Jesus or push you farther from Jesus?

    Greek life talks about the good things they do in the community but every good work done outside of Christ or not through Christ will burn in the end. That means all the things done through the Greek life will burn and are not pleasing to the Father.

  11. And let’s be clear that members of the church have lived the exact same lifestyle as members of Greek letter organizations as they drink they party in even clergymen sexually abuse their patrons. Sin is everywhere Your dedication to God is the issue and if you can’t live your life and work your job and be a member of eight organization that builds up your community and does the good work then you can’t dedicate yourself to God and do anything and that’s your problem but don’t blame these organizations for your inability to stay dedicated to your faith check yourself

  12. You know what makes me really mad about people who make these videos about denouncing their letters and putting all the blame on their process or thier deans Is that people don’t take responsibility for their own actions. Yes they’re older members in your organization who can employ you to do something with the end of the day you make a choice I am a member of a big organization I have never done anything that I did not want to do and I have kept my promises to God I have kept my promises to my organization and I have kept my promises to my community because that’s who I am as a person. Your inability to continue to follow your path after seeking membership in a Greek letter organizations speaks to your inability to dedicate your self to God despite your life and that is your own fault

  13. In this day and age we are so “educated” yet so foolish at the same time. We have brought everything into God’s presence…while using our “education” to eloquently justify our actions. Life and death is in the power of the tongue… the Bible also warns us about PLEDGING. Yet, we wonder why churches have become powerless. Why we are no longer able to cast out demons… why most leaders are unable to heal the sick… why our children are trapped in homosexual lifestyles… why we can’t get a prayer through to save our lives…. but the church is profiting from our ignorance. It has become a business and nothing else. May God have mercy on our souls.

  14. I'm a year late on seeing this video but I just want to say that for everyone saying "my uncle, grandma, pastor, minister" are all Greek and they are awesome Christians who do great things. I am sure they do. I am sure they are great people. And I am sure they are Christian.

    However, what determines if something is Christian or not is if the Holy Spirit is behind it. Paul says work out your own salvation. You are not about to go to Heaven and when you give an account for any part of your life (not just Greek stuff) but your walk in general and say "oh but my uncle was a minister and he did and said so and so" That's not good enough.

    Secondly, for those who said maybe its because SHE made it an idol. I will tell you this, I was an AKA and I NEVER made it an idol. I was never gung ho, I never "put it first" , I never walked around screaming it, etc etc. But my intentions behind it is not what makes it of God or not. You may feel like "oh well I'm one and Im good" but don't confuse God's mercy for His approval. He loves us and will give us chance upon chance to get it. So thats just His mercy. But my point is it wasn't Christian just because I am Christian and was in it. Eve's intentions behind eating that forbidden fruit wasn't evil but it was still against God. Also remember that idle words still have power so whether or not you mean to "see the pink and green light" and have it regin supreme in your life..and pledge yourself to it (without true knowledge of its spiritual roots), whether you meant those words or not as idolatry, that spirit if idolatry is still behind it. and you're still exposing yourself to it. Jesus says we will have to give an account of all our words. So getting there and saying "oh but i didn't mean that "like that for real for real" and oh but my uncle is a minster and said it too" won't suffice. If the devil made all this obvious then you clearly wouldn't do it. He is a deceiver and thats why you need The Holy Spirit to bring you the real TRUTH. Lastly, she's not pushing anything. Let's not make it something its not. Beauty gurus get on youtube all the time and talk about their beauty regimen and no one is like "stop pushing your skin care routine on me" so, please stop trying to twist it.

    I want y'all to know that what determines God's Spirit is God's Spirit and nothing else. What determines His Word is His Word and not anyone else's , not even mine. So I would encourage you guys to just go to Him yourself. If you feel like she is lying you have every right to go to God and ask Him yourself. You are his child. Then you go by His answer. Not the voice of anyone else's. I pray you all have a relationship with Him where you are able to discern his voice versus the voice of the enemy. If not then cultivate your own relationship with the Holy Spirit so He can help you. Sometimes we black people can be too much into the spirit or religion and oh well at my church we do this and my pastor said this etc instead of the spirit of a relationship with Him when we can say "He told me." Sorry I wrote a blog on your video girl 🙁 lol

  15. Ignorance is never a good excuse. Ever. Anything anyone chooses to become apart of or remain apart of, they must understand the intention, real history, and real agenda behind it. Sororities and frats on the surface are awesome! Like minded companions, service, etc. Excellent. But deep down, there is a problem. And that needs to be addressed. People can't choose to be ignorant…like to the fact it's called the divine nine. And the pledges to those mine "orgs" include what can be easily called satanic rituals. Like why most one pledge their soul. Why. A simple I pledge to be a good person and serve my community. That would suffice. The fact that it's modeled after masonry. All these. They are problems. No matter what benefits one things they are getting. If one things they wouldn't be where they are without their org that's a problem. That's what they are made to believe. To not call it God but treat it as such. The devil is clever. This from a Muslim girl and I know a few Muslims who have gotten caught up too. But the history is too ugly, the agenda too blatant for me to be OK with it. It's not OK. I applaud all the people denouncing. Everyone will go as far in life and God wills for them so no one should think they need an org. You need God. Be great. Be of service. Be honorable. Be at your best. And that's all from God. Not any org playing as God. May God protect us from the wickedness of the devil.

  16. the lords people will perish due to lack of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your story! I pray that it reaches many young women who are considering taking that forbidden oath. I also pray that this message reaches those who are still in bondage & either don't know it & those who refuse to believe it! You are preaching the TRUTH. You can NOT serve two masters.

  17. Any ritualistic behaviors or traditions that require conformity or devotion from you can be dangerous—Whether it’s religion, Greek organizations, military, a cult, whatever lol. They’re all just mass forms of groupthink.

  18. Forgive me for my confusion in advance, but isn't marriage an oath? If the problem is oaths and idolatry have women sinned inadvertently for desiring marriage more than a relationship with God? Is there room for you to have a relationship with God that IS priority and after still participate in a BGLO? I'm just curious from a biblical sense.

  19. I have to tell you!!!!
    I am getting close to Jesus too and I always wanted to join Iota Sorority but the Holy spirit was acknowledging my soul to not do it. That it is even written in the 10 commandments not to place anything above God and being in a frat or sorority is placing God in 2nd place instead of 1st.

    I am so happy you left and was obediant to our God!!! Good for you girl!

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