Why I’m NOT Quitting Being Vegan to Reverse My Eczema

It’s not the skin and it’s not the food that’s the problem, it’s the underlying gut issue at play here. Hopefully, by doing some gut health tests I’ll get a better idea of …


  1. Hi Susan,
    I have had Eczema on and off for over 30 years. One thing I have learnt from my experience is you will not be able to heal Eczema by simply following a WFPB. You will need to focus primarily I believe is some extreme forms of detoxification. You need to get all that nasty junk out of your body. One of the main reasons I suffer from Eczema is because I do not and have never been able to poop on a regular basis.

  2. You are amazing and so inspiring! I am really impressed by you, your character, knowledge and dedication! Absolutely, we are vegans for ever, no matter what. Because that is what decent humans are. Love you lady!

  3. You may need to amp up ur detox game. Regular liver flushes maybe up to 30 flushes in a few years (spaced out every two or three weeks) daily coffee enemas a lot of raw foods and plant based diet. I think you should look into this if you have some time this could be what you are missing. This needs to be very consistent over the course of a few years

  4. Where is your accent from? Very intriguing. Yes I believe you will and can heal 💯. Cleanse and fast and do vegan until you heal. Do some juicing. Also, please do pit animal products back in your diet when you do heal, please. Your body needs the minerals!!!!

  5. But my doctor says there is no knowan cure for eczma.. ive got a question have you ever thought that eczma not to do with your environment or what you eat.
    My eczma is because i have a curtain protein in my dna or skin (something like that mine is inherited as lots of people in my familly have it ) that creates these problems.

    Dont take everything to be true untill stated by a specialist in the field

  6. Hi Susan, really sorry to hear you're having such a hard time at the moment and my heart is really going out to you. Completely agree with you that you need to refuse to accept that eczema can't be cured (it definitely can) even in the hard times don't ever doubt that! I think it's harder to heal during the winter, the weather is harsh and really wrecks your skin barrier. So keep doing what you're doing and stay positive, and I'm sure you'll see the pay offs in a little while xx

  7. Been following you for years – from the beginning to the amazing healing you enjoyed. you are an inspiration and a light in the darkest of my eczema days. Thank you for your channel – another flare up, so mentally and physically painful – assessing complete lifestyle changes – hard not to just question why. Good luck sister on the road to healing. Right here with ya.

  8. I agree with you 100%. I tried eating baked Alaskan wild caught salmon for a week about a month ago. Only ate it 5-6 times, and started my flare ups again. You're also right about the gut stuff and emotional stuff. It all ties in. I know you've got this! Keep on fighting. This is all temporary and it will pass. Still praying for you. ❤️

  9. Mind, body, spirit….A WFPB diet cured me of dermatitis and blepharitis (Took about 5 years total) In the midst of it When I got stuck I learned to develop my "Spiritual" awareness…You don't heal with hate or fear in your heart….I Had to learn how to LET GO, and forgive others, and to deal with my self-loathing….Its an on going experience….I appreciate your fire Susan.

  10. I feel your pain woman. Iv been dealing with eczema / dermatitis for over 20 years. Have spent well over 20K just in the past 5 years trying to figure this nightmare out. I spent the last year following Robs WFPB diet to a T for one year and didn’t really see the results I wanted after a years time so I switched to Keto a month ago and my skin exploded. So switched back to WFPB a week or so ago because I did get some healing on that diet but I hated it. Lost a ton of weight, strength, hormones out of wack but whatever it takes to heal. I did a comprehensive stool test a week and half ago and hired a functional Medicine/ Natural Path doctor to try and figure this shit out. I am starting Acupunture because many years ago when I did that it helped a ton and I was still eating like shit and partying at the time. This go around it’s no but clean eating. It’s so depressing but like you I will not give up til I heal myself. PERIOD! Keep up the videos and thanks for introducing me to goji man, never heard of him but I’ll check out his channel

  11. I feel like we need an eczema support group where we focus on healing the mental traumas we've developed from having this condition… I know I've been living with it for 10+ years now and it has made me very anxious and stressed for no reason at all even turning into an OCD trigger, every time something "negative" happens in my life I find myself reaching to scratch my skin

  12. I'm vegan and I'll continue being one for the animals even if people may say its not the "best" for my eczema, I realised that my mental health is also a big factor for inflammation so Susan I would recommend u start meditating and focusing on realigning mind – body and soul. So that means eating healthy, exercising and learning to STAY as stress free as possible!
    Stay safe, sending lots of love from the Balkans 💚🌱💚🌱

  13. How often do you sweat . . . daily? Move your lympth whilst sweating? Are your kidneys filtering? Whilst these aren't directly related to the gut, they are all about detoxing the system which helps overall.

    One more thing. A month, fuck, even a year isn't a long time. Be patient. Focus on keeping stress low. Breath and remind yourself you're heading down the right path.

    0.5% growth/healing/change X 300 days = 150%

  14. Hey Susan, give Coffee Enema a try. I did two CE everyday (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening). This helped me tremendously. After a month of CE, I noticed some bile in my stools. Liver bile gives our poop smooth sausage kind of shape and has a distinct smell. I must admit after each CE, I had immense bloating but during evening CE I could pass lot of mucus. This relieved me of bloating at the end of the day. The more mucus I had to release the more bloated I was but eventually I m recovering. Hope this might help. Other than CE, vit C with salt, herbs like Dandelion extract powder n milk thistle, light walks and breathing exercises like pranayam helps me. One more thing to notice in our body is that those pockets under eyes indicate liver is overloaded with toxins. Such big eye pockets u offen see in people who suffer from liver issues. No doctors will tell u that. I know this because my father had it n he had liver cirrhosis.
    Viel Glück

  15. We just found out that Silk Milk does not use organic soy and they do use soy from America. They were also brought out by Dean Foods which also process Horizon Organic milk. Which in turn they process their soy milk products on machinery that processes regular milk. So we have switched to Almond Breeze and my grand daughter's eczema is starting to clear up. It is not as red and the raised area is starting to go down. So since she has a dairy allergy we believe that these flare ups are a allergic reaction to Silk soy milk. Thank you for sharing have a great day

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