Understanding Addiction | Love and Addiction & How To Heal It!

This video will help you understand addiction and all types of different love addictions. If you are someone suffering from addiction understand that you are not …


  1. Addictions " uncontrollable habits or devoted habits) An impoverished reality that is maintained by one's socio- pathological trance. Addictions are attachments,they offer a stunt in one's growth, i.e. blocked creative energy. Addictions ,like passion, has no memory or conscience. It arises out of need of stabilization- the need to form repetitive patterns. It is a contradiction : one day your friend,another day your foe. ( Entanglement) It can be a state of mind that is created by disappointment and reinforced by the mass consumption of… , It is one's pseudo- awareness- time to get Real!! Take the addiction out of the driver seat! Self control and self discipline 😎

  2. Appollnia, your so right , the answer is never surface, its deep, but alot of people are afraid to go deep because they dont want to change their selfish habits to get a life changing result.

  3. Well I do understand dating coaches and clinical psychiatrists are 2 different things .if a man had a great early relationship with a woman and after the first 3 months no one would consult a dating coach but psychiatrist. Help you understand why she did what she did and why she is more interested in pookie ray ray jermaine antoine Tyrone over you

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