Tissue Culture and Genetics with Kevin Jodrey

Kevin Jodrey, Cultivation Director, Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt and Lance Lambert, Head of Strategy – Herbal, Boveda, sit down at the Emerald Cup 2018 …


  1. There’s now GMO yeast that will make THC. Cannibus is going to fall to the way side when the concentrate market is going to be flooded with 99.9 THC. Of course it will be held by patents to multinational corporations.

  2. Hey what's going on man I'm a local grower down here in Southern California really loved your video and I feel exactly the same way and I think it's absolutely amazing how you guys believe in the grower and not just the product he produces I mean you guys make me want to strive for better keep it Cali grown One Love from California

  3. You couldn't have a friendly, decently lit opening, introducing the people?
    Time for you to hire a professional video crew. Look into titling and credits.
    Take a video production course or two. Let's have some pretty/well shot videos!
    Mr. Jodrey deserves much better than this!

  4. Hi! Thanks! I could lesson to him all day long!!! When they will include the modern cannabis history I bet they will need more than a book to describe Kevin Jodrey and everything he did do and will do for the community and plants!
    Spanabis is the biggest European cannabis event and this year High Times bought it to make it even greater so I hope maybe we will see him soon here!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France

  5. I have had the honor of meeting both Kev and Lance. They are both top blokes with great messages. Thanks to all who were involved in these interviews! Keep 'em coming! Each one should teach one!

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