1. There was one or two moments of gold in this smokebox. First moment: When Scott said that he knows the music-part and keeps it simple, in a way listeners can comprehend and not only real musicians. Second moment: Lobel pointing out the internship Parts of the game. It's not enough just to be a boss.. you still gotta hang with people that made it, squeeze your way into the game. For these two moments alone this video was worth the watch. I couldn't help but feel bad for Steves Lungs tho 😀 he was dying. These are real man, they made it, lost it, making it again. This is how you do it kids.

  2. Man… Look at all of these fools calling grown men names and trying to be funny…. Niggas can u see and hear the type of history is in this show… Instead of trying to make fun of them. Lil niggazz don't know now a days. Wtf.

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