Question Period: Carbon tax plan, Saudi arms deal — October 25, 2018

Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Today in Question Period the government faced debate on its …


  1. Funny how nobody mentions how many times Barbie flies around the world spewing her drivel, the same result would happen with a conference call and save the world at the same time!!! Every week Trudope flies around the world in our official jet, he can do everything from Skype!!!!

  2. Why do the Cons always applaud the most mundane things at the mere mention of one of their colleagues or one of their questions?! Self-esteem issues?? Are they volleyball players or elected "honourable" politicians who understand decorum and a modicum of professionalism?

  3. Liberals are so hypocritical, they say pollution should not be free. Basically according to their statement, it is ok to pollute as long as you pay which goes to show that the liberals mainly care about money.

  4. Not even sure which is worse, the NDP or the liberals. Most of the questions asked by the NDP folks are stuff I hope the liberals will never act upon, because it seems the NDP folks feel like the liberals are not wacky enough.

  5. Brainwashed, shes insane! A carbon tax does nothing for the environment! Just cost me more to fill up my awesome f150 ecoboost and my boat. I will never change the way i live my life!! FU Liberals and your tax!

  6. Every quote she gives is from someone who's wealthy!? Every quote she says should be from average Canadian citizens!? Average Canadians put them in their places so those are the opinions that should matter!? Canadians are reasonable so ask them what they want to pay!

  7. I have no idea which crooked party to vote for in the next election. There is no party I can see that has a plan to put Canada first and stop spending money like a drunken sailor. Can any one help!!!!!!!

  8. Barbie spouts a lot of nonsense, who would actually believe anything she has to say ? If these activists are elected next year were in big trouble.

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