You guys her “bump” is just down right CONFUSING to me! hahahaha KIDDING: I know what’s going on! I wanted to share what’s going on with these royal …


  1. If Meaghan were a dark skinned girl like me Harry would never look her way. She looks like her father. This girl as pierce Morgan said is a heartless ruthless social climber 🧗‍♀️

  2. If I read correctly in another story, the queen told Kate and Megan to put aside their differences. I would think that she would tell Megan the same thing about her father. If not directly then through Harry.

  3. Sick of Meghan holding on to her stomach. What is going on. Bringing attn to herself, I suppise. She is just ridiculous. A Showoff.

    Next, no matter what my dad does I wld not reject him – for speaking to the media? What abt forgiveness fr both Meghan and Harry.
    Also, why does Harry want to control her dad's speech. Dad Markle is an American. Who does Harry think he is to be dictating Mr. Markle ' s behavior fr London. So long as he did not speak evil of his dsughter or disrespect Harry, no aristocrat in Britain or in any other country shld dictate to an American how and what to say.
    When Harry handed Markle that list of does snd dont's, Markle had a right to tell him off. That's taking liberties and disrespecting him because he is poor.

    That being said Dad Markle must stop harassing his daughter to force her to speak to him.
    Yes, he wants to be incl in her life, sorry, it's a bit late; that will never happen. ( He shld have gotten the msg by now that Meghsn does not need him In her life with her Prince and new baby on the way.) If she rejects and did not identify with her mom's side of her family that says a great deal to the wrld.
    A humanitarian? With no heart? No way. She could send her dad a card or give him a call.

  4. I have read that caressing your baby bump is the same as hugging your baby and the baby feels it. It is okay do that, but, give it a break!! DanjA zonE……I am sorry to repeat this but there is a youtube channel called The Tig…have a look, what do you think?

  5. All Mr. Markle would have to do is allow the press to start posting pictures of him and Samantha, shopping, going out to eat, etc and never mentioning Megans name again.Make it appear Samantha has taken Meghans place now and that he no longer even thinks about her. A narcissist will go nuts and put themselves back in the picture just to ' win out;' Reverse psychology….. .All his begging is only feeding her ego..

  6. Megan isn't humble and remember the whole Royal family originated from Germany. They were Nazi's. I think that's why Edward and Wallis associated so much with Hitler! The Queen refused to let Edward go back to the UK and refused to help her nephew the Czar at the time during the war. They made the Windsor name up which the private secretary came up with one night while sleepless nights at Windsor Castle coming up with a British last name.. ten he got the idea looking outside his office window that Windsor should VanBattan should be changed to Windsor and presented to the King, who was Queen Elizabeth's the Second father.

  7. Catherine M. – She’s NOT carrying anything, but a prosthetic! She’s around 40-ish, according to Ashli’s research, from MM’s young chronological events, including a yearbook. She’s had at least 1, possibly 2 abortions, according to an expert (on UTube) in in-depth “Readings”. I, personally don’t rely on as solid, and as a Christian, it goes against God’s Will- and divination is dangerous- but, his interpretations are interesting. And, he states his disclaimers: The “Readings” are his opinions and strictly for entertainment purposes only. So, that said, it indicates a successful pregnancy is highly improbable with so many factors against her. I have a cousin who, very tragically, cannot have children due to several abortions. All I can do is pray for her for God’s endless Mercy and Forgiveness. God bless you… look for the truth. It’s stacked against MM.

  8. heres sm info for ya..MARKLE is really "MARK" he was born a MAN ! thats nkt even their real last name..lol..her mothr is gay..thats the reason he raised him..her dad didnt want Mark around her..he feared the same CALAMITY for his child..CAUSE THE APPLE DNT FALL TOO FAR FRM THE TREE..but sadly..Mark found INTEREST in the same sex…this enraged his father but the worst part was Mark's plan to actually goin FARTHER…LIVING AS A FEMALE ! Mark was enraged with the world cause he felt the world REJECTED her mothers lifestyle..he swore to STAND UP FOR EVERYTHING HE BELIEVED IN. .sound familiar ?? The abortion thing?? False..that was just a lil ACTING for everyone..to TRY n throw them off..complaining about "mornin' sickness"…thats why she has a fake ass bby bump..MEN CANT HAVE BABIES CAN THEY ??ask urself…WHY WOULDNT SHE JUST GET PREGNANT? and he HATES the way thag Harry is so smitten with Mark..why ?? Thats easy..lol…Harry enjoys anal sex…again…THE APPLE DNT FALL TOO FAR FROM TREE…Charles likes young boys too..(thats the reason him and camilla r divorcing …they have had probs n their whole DECADES but this proved the last straw…and the pprs have been signed) hiss feet tho…he jas LARGE feet…thkse are MANS FEET…lol..he has skinny legs..no hips..no boobs..ADAMS APPLE..etc….hmm..mayb i should get a channel…haha..believe it or dont..i dnt really care but if u ask me…the royal family deserves all the CALAMITY Mark is bringn..thats just a PUNISHMENT sent dwn the generation dor what they did to Princess D…they took an innocent young women and destroyed her life..then TOOK IT ! the royals aint what they seem..we all know that…the queen is really evil..ima just say that..Charles grew up lonely..he struggles with affection..but the queen is to blame for that..she never showed him affection..too busy following protocol…smh…anyways..this is all for nw…ill b bak with more…✌

  9. What a horrible person if she is a real person QE2 is to prevent MM from speaking to her family!!!!!!! Harry & the rest of them are as evil as QE2 except for Wm & Kate.

  10. He should call Doria if he wants to find out how Meghan is. She knows. Seems since Meghan has a royal family that she left friends and family behind. She's going to regret it someday when Harry divorced her. I bet Harry's exes after laughing their assess off

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