1. This lady's far from a paid robot she's actually for marijuana she's just against the people that are trying to pass it to monopolize on it this new proposition for 2018 is for the people not the corporations that were going to profit like 205 vote Yes 2018

  2. I'm glad that Prop 205 was defeated,marajuana shouldn't be legal
    at all,It's certainly not harmless,A bus driver killed a bus load of
    innocent children because he was smoking pot,a train operator
    killed several passengers because of the same reason.

    I'm a musician,I've been around these people,and I've let go
    of musicians that use pot because their of no use,and the
    ones that use alcohol are just as bad.

    If you think that marajuana is harmless,your in an altered state of
    reality,hiding from life.

  3. Far more children will use if we legalize pot for 21 and up???? This makes NO sense.

    The fact is…right now you're local drug dealer is not carding kids for weed, he could care less how old little jonny or susie is as long as they got the cash. Legalizing weed would do the opposite, it would prevent children from having access to it much more than now. The whole no on 1 is all propaganda bs.

  4. She is lying about Colorado! There is no proof that marijuana was the cause of those traffic fatalities. Our lawmakers sent a letter to the opposition asking them to stop spreading these lies about our state.

  5. The ant-campaign against legalizing relies mostly on keeping marijuana away from kids. It is a matter of good parenting to do that. It is no different than bad parenting that leads to children drinking alcohol.

  6. Sheila says that this would be bad for business. During its first year of legal and regulated sales in Colorado they had the fastest growing state economy in the nation. Just a few days ago it was reported that 18,000 jobs were created in Colorado from legalization and regulation. I think Arizona could use a little of that…

  7. If you are still calling marijuana "addictive and harmful" in 2016, then you are just making yourself look ignorant. Everyone already knows by now that alcohol is way more dangerous than pot.. I live in colorado and crime has gone down and so has car crashes.

  8. They should legalize hemp as a hedge plant since it grows so tall. Here in Phoenix there is oleander everywhere, a very toxic plant yet it is grown everywhere public spaces and private spaces as a landscaping or privacy plant. If Oleander can be used this way why not hemp which is completely non-toxic and it is a lovely looking plant as well.

  9. Right at 27:20 she made a complete ass of herself. You are endorsed by the pill mill factory who clearly have cases of overdose victims both adults and teenagers, that have also wreck families and endangered more. Just stop it. YES ON 205

  10. Children can get their hands on legal opiates. Children can get their hands on their parent's alcohol. Children can drink all the Coca-Cola they want AT SCHOOL. (I remember drinking 2-3 of those HUGE refillable sodas at school and having absolutely no energy or attention span after lunch. I'm lucky I didn't have diabetes by age 18!). Children can eat all the bad food they want and not have correct nutrition to concentrate or energy to perform, possibly setting up a lifetime of challenges or medical complications.

    Nobody worries about any of this because people don't really care about "the children." They fear change, care about either their culture war or about protecting the businesses who are making all the money now.

    If I was a parent I would tell my child to wait until they are an adult. I would be honest with them, since no one else will, that there are a lot of benefits to marijuana use but a lot is still unknown, especially the challenges young users might face. If you use, then you have to deal with consequences. That's called parenting. Why do all of the people who use marijuana have to be responsible for your children? I chose not to have children so I can live my life the way I want to. Shouldn't I have the freedom to smoke weed? If you choose to have children, it is your responsibility to raise them and prevent them from using, not government's and not society's.

    The real threat to children is labeling marijuana schedule one, associating it with heroin. When someone young tries marijuana and realizes how harmless it is, it might be logical to stick needles in the arm thinking heroin is just another lie. Heroin overdoses are no fun at all. Think about your son or daughter fighting for their lives after heroin overdose complications.

    The status quo of locking up incredible amounts of people for possessing a beneficial plant, paying for the prisons with tax dollars, and enabling violent drug criminals has been a failure, unless of course you make billions in the pharmaceutical industry or are a government benefiting from a busy society of people without time to think outside the box. Marijuana will be legal eventually because most people do not believe the 1930s-style propaganda anymore. All of that has been reduced to scaring everyone with "what about the children!?!?"

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