1. Hey Med, long time fan. I'm building my room similar to yours being I have a 2 car garage heated aswell. My questions are whats your 5 favorite strains you would recommend me to grow. My fav is OG gas strains, and second is purple cream or similar. I have bought one pack, cookies and cream. Looking at vader og or Vader actual for my next purchase but would love your opinion brother!

  2. Looking real nice med grower what size is the chilled tent an was wondering do u allways vegg them until they show sex b4 going into flower? Oh an one other thing do u think there is a big difference in power usage from the hps I am wanting to change but wondering about power??

  3. Great video medgrower as always! Hey I’m 26 days into flower and I pretty sure I’m getting a little potassium deficiency going on, what could u suggest for a fix ! I have kinda my own medium I mix myself has like sunshine # 1 , extra perlite, coco, worm castings little compost etc etc!

  4. me and a friend in the uk have started collecting regular seed for a future breed program..we are collecting all the varieties like durban northern lights white widow big bud afghan and some haze varieties..they only cost around 2 bucks a seed so buying 50 to 60 beans a month..plus some of the newer female varieties like bruce banner etc..keep up the good work bro..killing it as usual..

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