1. Just saying dest's so vibeble like she be clicking with errbody ..n she don't laugh as much here ❤ like they arnt on the same vibe but they both gotta beautiful vibe it's just like dest is indica and she's sativa ❤🌺🌼🌻but like dest I watch all ur vids so I be doing all my shit with ur vids on 2😂❤

  2. I dont know why everyone saying they not vibing right, like they quiet cause they’re high, in Annette’s video they was funny asl 😂, just in this video they’re like high high and just wanna chill

  3. Damnnn desttt , I wish we were able to connect in this life time . Salty you live in another state , hella far away , we'd be close asf . I already know we would vibe cause I watch you , & literally hear n see me with an LA accent n just upgrade version of me . 🤣🖤 I'm just saying , I feel we are connected . Wish I could meet you !

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