People on SHROOMS cannot stop laughing! [WARNING: THIS LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS]

This video is a short compilation of people dying of laughter while on shrooms (“Magic” Mushrooms). Try not to laugh at this one, this shit is CONTAGIOUS!


  1. Perhaps the funniest thing about this is imagining what they’re seeing. Yahtzee crowshaw‘s buddy Gabe saw a nearby brick wall suddenly grow a face and ask him How are you feeling
    Sky’s the limit with this shit.

  2. I had a mushroom experience a few years ago that was like this.  We all just laughed for hours.  I laughed so much my face was sore the next day from smiling!  I realized as I was coming down that I hadn't laughed like that since I was a small child.  Then I realized how many years it had been since I cried.  I realized I was killing my emotions and that was killing me!  I made a promise to myself then and there to never numb myself from my emotions ever again!  I have no doubt that those mushrooms saved my life!  Ever since then I laugh and cry.  I FEEL again… Thank God!  <3

  3. I love reading people's stories in the comments.. I went to health class on shrooms and couldn't quit laughing and the lesson was some serious sad shit.. I just sat in the back and laughed at everything … Kinda feel guilty for that shit I think all the kids in class were scared

  4. 2:21 notice how that guy says what's wrong. It's a maniacal laughter. Not joyful. It's forced. It's a scary thought when you think about what your laughing at. You ever been so tormented or seen something so ludacris you laugh as a self defense to maintain your sanity? This is that. Not fun.

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