People High on Flakka. Most terrifying Florida’s dangerous drug Compilation. FLAKKA SAY NO TO DRUGS!

FLAKKA SAY NO TO DRUGS ! Flakka effects Compilation. Video of the most terrifying Florida’s dangerous new drug – New Drug Flakka (Flocka) that is making …


  1. Y'all keep saying "these poor people" they chose to be on this path and they chose to put these kinds of horrible things in their system. It's their choice don't feel bad for people who didn't wanna help themselves 💯

  2. It’s no coincidence that the states with the most draconian, harsh drug laws are the ones with these “synthetic drug zombie apocalypses”

    If people want to do drugs, they’re going to do them. If they want to escape reality/their problems, no law is going to stop them.

    When you throw hundreds of thousands into cages each year for possessing a plant, and then drug test them for years on end afterwards, some of those people will go for sketchy alternatives sold in local headshops that don’t show on tests. I witnessed this in 2010, it’s very real, very concerning, and completely avoidable.

    These people would literally be better off buying pure, regulated meth from a store. At least we have ~100 yrs of knowledge regarding that drug vs we don’t even know what’s in these salts because chemists are constantly altering the structure to win the game of pop a mole that law enforcement is playing. They will always be one step ahead. It doesn’t take a genius to realize these things…


  3. People think this is funny? This is straight out of a horror movie! I feel so bad for this people because they’re going through something so bad that they have to take this

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