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A new bill in the UK could give hope to millions of people suffering unnecessarily, allowing them to choose their medical path BUT was sabotaged. MP’s took so …


  1. uk stupid government , must be up to something real dodgey if they dont want to legalise something that is just important to our planet as ourselfs, we are equal to plants… we eat breath and die, its simple , selfish freedom taking divvy gov. uk sucks

  2. I've grown and used cannabis for 25years in the UK. No harm done. Wake-up Theresa May! Listen to expert advice Amber Rudd! Start treating your electorate like adults, please.

  3. here in Germany it is exactly the same thing people get arrested for Possession of Cannabis Medicine , even yet the Law has change, Patient become trouble by using their Medicine ( Cannabis ) Private House Search by Patient . So long we not proper legalize it will never stop the harassment of Cannabis User

  4. so the UK can enable the muslim rapists and that's okay.
    the UK can institute "No Go Zones" because of the rapid massive influx of war fighting age muslim men who have no intention of integrating into UK society.

    makes ya wonder who's setting the agenda.
    makes one wonder what the planned end game really is.

    good video.

    next thing ya know there'll be actual Sharia Law courts popping up in the UK….

    wait. you mean to tell me there are already Sharia Law court systems in place in the UK?!?!?!?!
    you gotta be kidding me, right?

  5. The UK governments cannot see the wood for the trees, 7 years of austerity and the goose that lays the golden egg is starring them in the face, its laughable the 1% are so thick, all that money they have lost in prohibition, its trillions since 1971, all for what, a lie, what are they afraid of, you have sativex at schedule 4, they didn't magic medicine from a raw plant, yet people still cannot get hold of it and that's thc/cbd cannabis, grown in the UK over 200 tons of it, yet the government holds onto the notion is has no medicinal value in its raw form, even though the scientific evidence around the globe proves otherwise, cannabis has many medicinal applications, there is no such thing as medical cannabis, its cannabis, get over it, we dont want a sorry, we want action, not words, stop killing the sick and educate regulate and tax, its a win win you morons in power, all they need to do is sign a document to change all that, stop the suffering and wake up.

  6. cannabis seems to be a real big threat to the 1 % i wonder why ?
    does it make people think for themselfes !?
    or do they control this buisiness ……………
    Parlements should work for the people not against them.

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