1. There won't be a state pension in the near future ,and mark they are calling it a benifit now and you know what they do with benefits ,they cut them so you live in poverty, and they live in luxury ,that is until the public wake up and get rid of this blight on their lives . The time has come to stop complying with this system that Keep them in power ,the more you keep voting for it the worse it's going to get . STOP COMPLYING in your own slavery !

  2. Mark you will know when their starting to kak themselves they will turn out Their dogs on us ,and when they do that , that will be the biggest drop bollock theve ever done in this country!

  3. Mark, the solution is the RIC. Referendum Initiated By the Citizens. This is what the French are pushing for. This would give the power to the people. Look into this. There is a YouTube channel called, Referendum Initiated By the Citizens. Please go watch some of these videos. We really need to push this, Referendum Initiated By the Citizens. God Bless.

  4. I remember not too long ago my little dog was really ill was costing shit loads at the vet's and because he was in so much pain he couldn't walk eat or drink, my vet told me to use you know that herb!! Well within 20 mins he was eating going out the back walking! so if it can do that for a dog well you know the rest!

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