1. Wow…The comments from your viewers astounds me. In most cases it's better to remain silent, then to voice your ignorance. Methadone is substantially stronger than heroin, and is far more difficult to stop using. People who use opiates or heroin over time, use it In order to not be sick. ie: vomiting, diarrhea, shakes, insomnia, restless leg syndrome etc. When they use they do not look or act high. It makes them normal. It is by far the worst drug because of that. (In case you didn't know opiates and heroin are the same exact thing) I would be willing to bet you are around someone who is an addict, and you don't even know. After all, it is labeled as "the soccer mom drug" It is the white, middle class addiction. Do some research before appearing mentally challenged. I am under my husband's account waiting for my new phone to arrive~Jen

  2. thats great and a step in the right direction but if an addict wants to quit, they should try (kratom) its a natural active type plant that apparently "cures" withdrawals from various types of drugs. i am not sure about Canada but in the U.s.a kratom might become a class A drug even though its safer than drinking coffee all because of the FDA and big farma want to profit of their chemicals. as for me i believe all drugs should be legal medically for sick addicts recovery but other helpful herbs shouldn't be overlooked.

  3. It's not legalized idiots.. legalizing it would mean it would be for rereactional use but it's not… it's being used to control a drug epidemic here in canada. it's not like I can go shoot some heroine and have the cops be totally okay with it it's not a big deal. It will help serious addiction cases

  4. So Canada is like
    Prime minster- how's leagal drugs that we could give to every one
    Drug addict- awesome
    Prime minster- lets just say it's to help the drug addition
    Drug addict-ok

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