How to refill a BrassKnuckles Cartridge

Refilling a BrassKnuckles Cartridge, originally it was a Skywalker cart, smoked it then refilled with Blueberry OG from THClear Private Reserve, smoked that now …


  1. Why wouldn't they used a pointy slim and longer tip on the syringe for easier transfer of the the concentrate into Ty he all types of caetrages. That would suck if you try refilling smaller empty cartridge with a tiny hole.. all the pre filled syringe concentrates I seen out have some type of tip, and most of the them i find to wide still but I never seen one without any tip. There are tiny bottles I found atva vape shop tvst they sell for as needed refilling small carts like juul ect, that have just a small hole to fill into. Plus these thicker oils would otherwise been impossible to fill without cool little gadgets like the bottle with super slim and bit longer tips to actually fit in cart so you don't loose any concentrate

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