How to Properly Harvest Cannabis – Drying Trimming & Curing

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  1. It was a pleasure seeing your grows and techniques. Planning on starting 3 WW autos in coco myself. Looking forward to your next video showing the total yield, considering ill be following your grow to the t! Peace.

  2. Looking good dude! But I'm TELLING YOU! Give HLG's Quantum Boards a try! I've used blurple LEDs for a long time and the QBs blow them away, especially in density. Side note! Use the popcorn buds and trim for cannabutter. You're throwing away 100s of dollars! Can't wait for next grow!

  3. Congrats buddy, I just harvested my Jack as well, I haven't finished my cut but 1/3rd of the plant came out to a QP so I'm excited for that. Buds look pretty identical and very very firm. PS. think it's time to switch to photo's

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