1. Lets just say I dropped my sleeping hours from 7 and a half hours to 6 and did't drink much.
    I felt extremely sleepy my grades got worse and my teacher noticed me having a problem too.
    Now I can work towards building better habits again💕

  2. This video is bullshit. He's left out one of the main causes of brain fog, that is long term use of certain medications. Im an expert and I know certain medications play a big part in brain fog. Brain fog is caused by dysfunction in dopamine and gaba modulation. I did not develop brain fog till I got off the two drugs Ssris and 5 alpha reductase blockers. A lot of people blaming everything but pharma drugs.

  3. I went to the doctor and thought I had a brain tumor. She assured me I do not and she thinks I have depression and anxiety. I wake up every day and my face feels hot, I feel like my brain fog virtually doesn’t exist in the mornings but activates in the afternoon. I’m also very tired at the same time everyday and have no idea why

  4. This coffee revolution is really disturbing. People over 100 years ago rarely drank it, because they didn't need it. Most lethargy and tiredness is caused by lack of sleep or a sluggish thyroid issue. Chances are people who drink coffee have lack of sleep or thyroid. The thing is 3 cups of coffee is bad because it causes insomnia and then you drink more coffee to feel awake and the cycle goes on. The correct thing instead of coffee would be to eat energy fruits, eggs and other dopamine high natural foods. Avoid coffee, sugar, bread and too much dairy. These are the worst.

  5. Choline Bittartate won't increase Acetylcholine levels in brain to any degree that would be beneficial. Acetylcholine has been implicated in learning and memory in several ways.

  6. First of all check your B12 and Zinc. And then start thinking about your Acetylcholine levels in your brain. Just check that you aren't releasing too much dopamine, too much dopamine = Low Acetylcholine. Research and anecdotal based comment. Try sublingual B12, acetylcholine and how you can increase it, try ALCAR + ALA supplement or just CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC.

  7. Hello everyone here, hope you're all fine. I'm desperately asking suggestions on how to cure my brain fog, stopped taking all sugar& processed foods since last week. Currently brain fog is intolerable, got my exams next Tuesday. Someone pls save me, I'm mentally dying! Is there any way that'll heal this thing at least by half so that I may able to use my brain more efficiently?? Any suggestion would be appreciated from the heart. Thanks.

  8. Could I do the Intermittent Fasting thing or do you think that would hurt my abilities to think, focus, and retain things? Just curious because some people say that Intermittent Fasting actually messes with your blood sugar levels and others say that doing the whole IF thing will HELP your blood sugar levels and HELP you feel more focused and attentive. So, there’s a lot of conflicting information being put out there and I guess I was just wondering what your opinion on this was /is. Thanks!!! And, LOVE your videos. Appreciate all that you put into your videos!!! I always learn a lot from watching them. And, I definitely would appreciate any help or advice that you could give me. Thanks again!!! 😎

  9. really want to end my life so bad….i have been suffering from this for 8 years…..i can't stand it…the problem is my religion can not allow me to commit a suicide…..

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