1. Hey bud im gona ve making the pirchase of 5 of them 100 watt panels. Is there anything i need to know before i buy them. Are they plug and play? And is there any cupon or anything. Im getting them from ur website.

  2. Yea i think im gona do 5 in a row. I would love to just do a 550 but like i said my space is weird. I need to spread light out even over the 2×7. I didnt even know hlg made them little bad ass lights untill i went on herbinfarmer.com. i cant order them for about another week or so but im pumped.

  3. What about a few hlg 100v2 lined up in a row. Is that enuf to grow a good deep penetrating plant or no. Instead of one big light i think maybe it would be better for my situation to do a few smaller lights in a row

  4. Im going to go through you and your website for sure for my lights tho bud. I must of asked 50 weed tubers a question on lighting and cant ever get an answer. I got about 2-3 weeks to make a decision. Thanks again for taking the time bud. Ill tell everyone i know about your channel. Keep up the good work and stay safe

  5. I was thinking about that but like i said my room in kinda wierd. Its a closet. 7×2. I need to spread out the light even through it and idk if a 550 will fit it. If the panels where seperate maybe. I was also thinking electric sky. Is there a way to remove the panels and seperate them. Or does hlg make a light that is less than 2 feet wide. I run 5 single panel chineese amazon blurples in a row to fill my closet now. If i had a square room i would def get the 550. Thanks again for helping me out bud. I apreciate it greatly.

  6. I want to substitute aloe vera straight from the plant for aloe vera powder in the soil mix. I'm not sure what the ratio should be. Is there any advice or info resources you could suggest?

  7. The man with the great grow box!🙌🏾 Sorry for the lack of support when you were live, I was at work smh. But the vid was awesome. I used white clover in my soil does it make much of a difference? Sucks because I had to pull most of it up because I’m using dry Organics and have to top feed 😭 rookie mistake. However I have some cob cree 3590 leds coming any day now and I was kind of torn in between the two, maybe you can give me a better view on the two?!? I love the modern look of the HLG 550v2 and the white light of course but I’ve really been into the Es300 by electric sky as well and I’m not sure which of them I want to add to the garden first. I will however eventually have both because I know they are both great and I always see amazing results with them both but which do you think is more cost efficient? Keep the vids coming as well you’re amazing!😎😗💨✌🏾

  8. Hey can u tell me how to to get the same cobs you got. Do i need to buy the drivers also. My grow space is a 7×2. How many do u recomend. I need your help. If i cant find someone to help me im gona end up buying mars hydro and i dont want them. Thanks bud

  9. Looking good, who's gear is the blueberry muffin? I'm interested to see how that muffin plumps up and fills out that box! Also I'm very happy to see u on the gml show and on ur og channel, loving the Herbin content, haha, cheers amigo.

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