How can I remain focused? by Baljit Singh

Baljit Singh answers the question of “How can I remain focused?” using the sakhi of Bhai Vir Singh (Respected Sikh Poet, 1872-1957) to show how different …


  1. I am half hindu and half sikh from my mom side. But my mom followed all hindu traditions holi, diwali etc. She wasn’t into sikhi at all (still isnt). I mean we would go to darbar sahib occasionally but thats about it. I really don’t know why but i have always been attracted towards sikhi from younger age. I live in the USA now and recently my dad invested all his money (worked in a gas station for 6 years) into buying this restaurant and it went horribly wrong. Soon it was me, my mom, my younger brother and my dad running it to save it from going bankrupt. Well long story short, we did this for 3 years and in those 3 years we were trying to sell it. I used to put ads on craiglist everyday for 2 years. Nothing happened. I swear you this is a true story. We were at a point were my dad was working 15 hours a day, i dropped out of college to help him survive. And my younger brother did the same. I came home crying one day and was felling so hopeless because of seeing my dad in this condition. I was just on the computer browsing and seen Waheguru simran. At that moment i just knew it, if there is anyone that is going to help me is waheguru. I shut off the lights (pich black) put the simran on a medium volumed, listened and starting chanting with it. Remind you i have never done this ever before in my life. I was literally crying for 3 hours straight while listening to it. I did that for 6 days, come home turn off lights listen. (Mom, dad and brother used to be at restaurant, to do closing). On the 7th day a guy walks in as i was standing at the counter, ask for my dad and made him a offer. I remember everyone including me thought he was joking. But he said he wasn’t. He said he is even willing to pay more only if we train there employees. We couldn’t sleep that night, i remember even when he gave us the check my mom kept saying what if it bounces then do we need to go back?. But they still don’t know till this day that if was waheguru himself who did baksheesh on us. I haven’t told anyone this story (not even my parents). Now we are well settled, I’m getting my CDL in a month and will achieve my goals in life no matter what. I don’t know why i wrote this here but i just wanted to put it out somewhere. I feel like someone out there is struggling just like were and want to tell them just trust in the god himself no matter what. I have taken a vow in this life that i will make so much money and donate every single penny to the sikhi panth before i leave this earth. Ill make sure that sikhi will have unlimited funds so they can help anyone who can come to the door of guru Nanak. Waheguru ji da khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh 🙏🏼

  2. Firstly i thanks to all Ur team
    Actually i am a student and i hv searched all youtube regarding sikh students guidance for studies..
    Bt there r very less videos regarding students study issues..
    I request u to make videos as much as u can on these topics…
    Like consistency in studies, control from social media, overattraction towards opposite gender , becoming fan of someone etc…

  3. I have a question on me being a sikh. I was born into a hindu family , but over the last 4 months I've really been listening to gurbani almost everyday out of nowhere. Then added japji sahib to my daily routine. Went to amritsar the last month, and currently am doing japji sahib and jaap sahib in the mornings. I accept the 10 gurus as the truth. Am I a sikh?

  4. Love is the key for success in spirituality. Love waheguruji, shed tears for him, beg for his darshan, make him the only goal of your life, chant his name with love, last but not least 100% surrender to that formless God.

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