1. Say, I’m thinking about getting a new mower I’ve really had my eye on that toro personal pace two blade mower that you use and LCN uses, I’ve seen some bad reviews and I was wondering after having it for a while that you’ve experienced any negatives from it? Nice to see a Minnesota fan, go vikes!!

  2. I'm getting so anxious to get out in the lawn! I swapped the mower with the snow blower a couple weeks ago but had to switch them back on Friday. 20" of snow over the weekend here in central Wisconsin.

  3. Hey Ryan, Got a ?, I am letting my lawn grown and its about 5 maybe 6 inches. Is it true, I should cut the lawn at the highest setting and then cut again down to a 3.5 to avoid stress on the lawn.

  4. I feel your pain weather wise central IL. I bought a new mower this year and I’m itching to get out and mow. It looks like next week I’ll get to finally break it in.

  5. is that ideal to cut lower that way the brown/yellowish grass doesn't show after the grass really starts to take off? i'm trying to decide since i have tall fescue and my lawn is more browner than the neighborhood. i think i asked you before whether or not does the brown grass eventually get push to the top and eventually get cut or does it actually stay and mix in with the new? Great video Ryan!

  6. I have the same de-thatcher and used on my yard several weeks ago. Even thought the spring has been extremely bi-polar here in southern Wisconsin, I have the only green yard in my neighborhood.

  7. We had several odd frosts late this year in the South East. Finally got out this week. I wanted a really low cut to get all last years dead growth out of sight when new growth comes in. I figure that also gets the sun in warming the ground. The TimeMaster had the power to pulverize that thick dead grass. Gave me the best most even cut I've ever seen. It even handled what pine straw I didn't get raked. The air pressure was spewing dust and bits out small openings around the deck. Can't imagine how much more suction there'll be with high lift blades. Rain next two days should give a green explosion next week.

  8. Ryan do you alter the heights on your Timemaster like you did the Honda in this video? (back wheels higher than the front)

    Just curious, I got my Timemaster a couple weeks ago, can’t wait to use it!

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