1. I totally get what you are saying. I personally identify as bisexual but I hate labels. Like if someone assumes I’m gay I don’t necessarily feel obligated to correct them or anything especially if I’m dating a guy at the time. But like one of my pet peeves is when other people just try to label anyone other than themselves like for instance many people would say “you’re not bi your gay” because of this that and the other. I honestly don’t know what qualifies me as gay or bi or straight or pan anymore because everyone has their own story and their own experiences and everyone is different. Sexuality is really just a spectrum. How people choose to identify with is their business. I know I like both and at the end of the day I fall for the person not the gender and I don’t owe anyone else an explanation but if people want to assume I’m gay or bi or straight I just let them lol

  2. Congratulations on reaching another stage in your journey through life.
    I am many years older than you and Michael and I have learnt that life is a never ending mystery of learning about oneself and those you hold close and dear.
    I hope you enjoy your journey as much as i have enjoyed mine.

  3. It's funny how some of the same people hyping acceptance are some of the same people hating on Michael for being "too fem". Just like you can't dictate someone's sense of self or identity, you also can't dictate people's mannerisms or whether they like to wear make-up and whether their significant other is into that. Get over it.

  4. Coming out in the UK in 1974 was frightening but the beginning of a great journey with so many highs and lows along the way. Though things are more accepted these days we will always face judgment from those who do not wish to accept and understand.Enjoy your life guys we only get one shot at it.

  5. Iam African, Christian, and straight, our society, judges homosexuality and the LGBT family so harshly , but having gay friends made me realise,as long as one is happy.DO YOU! All i see when i watch in this video is alot of Love. Who are we to judge? Dont mind the trolls! You got a fan here 😊

  6. Wonderfully done. Beautifully spoken. Computers did not exist when I was growing up. However, singer Ricky Nelson, maybe 15yrs my senior did.😅
    Plus one kid that looked a bit like him was in my swim club and another team.
    Dated girls til college then realized I was hot for my college wrestler roomy. Especially in his singlet.
    Good wishes to both of you. Thank you!

  7. Nice video, first of all I agree 1 million percent, labels are the only thing that divide us all, let people be who they genuinely are, as for all the hate filled commenters, the problem is you and your own unwillingness to just let be, in the end, no one cars about your negatively other than those who are really into the drama. this internet is awesome because it brings all the truth of who we are to the surface where light can shine bright in it's being,the globe is going though a huge transformation right now where new consciousness is seeding us all. go with the flow, be kind and patient as we venture thought this new Paradigm. enjoy the ride. and by the way, you two look great together.

  8. I’m glad for you. Live your truth. But I have to say that as a bi-sexual man that experiences that judgement from both communities, stuff like this makes it difficult. Your sexuality is fluid, sure. But I tend to be attracted to women more than men and intend to marry a woman. That doesn’t mean I’m straight. Just means I’d be a bi man that’s married to a woman.

  9. My story's almost the same! 👍 There was always an attraction to girls, although it was less than with guys, and for fewer girls than guys. So in my mind, I couldn't be "gay" since I liked girls, right? 🙄 And when I was growing up, "gay" always meant either super effeminate or "leather daddy from the Village People," neither of which really fit me, so I couldn't be "gay." And I didn't have a stereotype of what a "bi-sexual" person was like. But one night I had a dream… I had a trip to Hawaii coming up, and in the dream I was walking on a remote, deserted beach with a cute guy from the gym. He reached over and held my hand, and it thrilled me. When I woke up, I vividly remembered the dream. What it told me what that I could have feelings for a guy, but that I had acceptance issues since I was only comfortable being affectionate with him if no one else was around. So I pretty quickly decided I must be bi, simply by definition. I quickly came out to everyone as bi, while explaining that my ratio of girls-to-guys was extremely weighted towards the "guys" side. 🤣 It didn't take long for me to just start using the term "gay" because it's much more realistic; besides, it felt stupid and defensive to say "Oh I fool around with guys but I'm not 'gay'…" 🙄 These days I'll still explain the "bi" thing to people if it happens to come up or is relevant, but that's pretty rare. Congrats on figuring out stuff! (PS: I suspect your boyfriend might be gay, too)

  10. Forget all the trolls, I love you guys, so cute. Anyone that can watch your video and reply negatively, well why did you watch if you are not interested in gay lifestyle, what does it saw about them. No matter what you guys are great, much love from Brooklyn♡♡♡♡♡♡

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