1. Very well said mate. Too many wankers out there like Chad Wesley Smith who think they know it ALL while advising drug-using athletes who advocate Health & Fitness. It's a joke. And facts are facts PED's are not health nor fitness or achievement either.

  2. A year later I'm watching this video, ironically right now the iaaf world track and field world championships are going on right now in the UK. Former drug cheat Justin Gatlin, who has been a scapegoat for the sport for all those years, finally wins. It was funny when the British fans booed him, as if they think anyone of the other competitors are CLEAN? The funny thing is they have this other American young and upcoming sprinter, Christian Coleman, like many sprinters, as annoying as this fucking gesture is, they throw some gesture, or say "hashtag" thank you LORD, thank you GOD, for letting win or PR!!! If they are sensible, brave, and truly following their "lord" intent, they would be honest and just admit they are lucky to pass a fucking piss test. Modern day sports is a joke in general in the sense that any industry that generates money is going to be corrupt to some degree. Track and field athletes don't make anywhere close the amount pro football, futbol basketball baseball and all the big time sports do, but there is still money in it. Powerlifting more or less is the same, there is some money in it, and fake natties are always there. As you said Jason, NATTY WESLEY aka BIG NATTY SMITH has absolutely no choice but to say he is natural because otherwise he would lose his business. He would be a white justin gatlin, just two times the body weight. Every mofo has to claim natural except for the guys and gals (well with all those hormones not sure if they are technically gals, but trannies will do for BIG LENNY!) who have nothing to lose.

  3. Jason, I like you. That is, I think you have some valid points and give good advice. However, to me, this video is nothing more than sour grapes. In my opinion whatever Chad said isn't worth responding to and vice versa.

  4. Jason, you reach out an hurl insult filled statement at some people too. I have nothing against you but play your cards right. Even if they are cheaters or users, you know nothing about their life and decisions, motives, personal integrity etc.

    To me it seems you like arguing for the sake of arguments. Dangerous, as it's easy to get carried away.

    By this I mean no offense but sometimes everyone needs to let their guard down and look at themselves and what they say and how they are seen. At the end of the day we will become what others perceive us to be. I think it's important to be humble about even our opinions. We are entitled to nothing.

  5. I am a big fan of you two the both of you give great information I'm not going to say that I lost respect for Chad but I am disappointed even if Jason is a fake natty he shouldn't come at him like that

  6. Don't sweat it Blaha, that is a comeback to be proud of. While understanding you don't need enemies, you aren't here to be liked, you are a educated fitness teacher. Way to keep the response classy!

  7. You make some good points Jason. It seems Chad and others have it out for you because you've blown the whistle on their dirty little secret. As far as Chad, it seems he's making it personal, as if your blowing the whistle directly affects him, and which consequently casts doubts on his own drug use (or lack there of). Personally, I don't know if he uses, but the screen shot comments make me wonder.

  8. A powerlifter calling another powerlifter unaccomplished…..this saddens me. We all go trough the same struggles, push ourselves to better ourselves. Where's the respect ppl talk so much about in our sport….

  9. Jason, you seem to constantly state how people can't tell the truth because it would mean less business for them. Since when did this become an ok thing? Lying just because it makes you money? Sad world if that's what capitalism has made us resort to.

  10. First of all, Jason never said people were cheating. He points out who is full of shit in his fake natty series. Also what's accomplished even mean? Different things to different people.

  11. Lost a lot of respect for Fat Wesley Smith after reading his crap. Blaha may not be cool, or pleasant to look at. He may not be the strongest dude on planet earth. But he tells it like it is and he busts his ass in the gym. And he's still very strong. He may not have a 900+ lb squat but if there were a zombie apocalypse i'm following Blaha into the disaster zone, not Fat Wesley Smith.

  12. Yeah and he just isnt aware of why you make the fake natty vids. Clearly he sees it as ur saying oh this persons a fake natty so theyre cheating but its been made very clear that the series is a product of not wanting misinformed kids to develop body dismorphia, and you also dont detract from their hard work as well.

  13. I had to listen to this video twice to hear you actually address Chad's contention that trying to cheat drug testing is too complex/nuanced for national/world athletes to bother with. Your argument comes down to: he has to say that because of his vested interest in the sport. Meh, pretty thin/weak response, IMHO. I do agree Chad understates how replete cheating is, but I don't think you made any good arguments against his.

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