1. Hi Mark. I was wondering if you were able to provide a video with regards to the specific process of studying. I.e. work through readings, answer EOC questions, then review notes and finally practice questions banks/mock exams etc. Or any other variation of those techniques. If you cannot, maybe you can direct me to a video which will help? I am just a bit confused on the structure of my study habits. I finish readings, answer EOC questions but tend to forget a good chunk of the material (end up referring to my notes to answer).

  2. My cousin and I are both engineers, working as engineers with very little knowledge on finance at the time. We decided to do CFA level 1 in December 2018. We registered quite late, only started studying at the beginning of August. A friend recommended Mark Meldrum. With the help of his content we waxed the content in 3 months, with a month for review whilst still working as engineers. But we both passed :D. Thank you so much Mark Meldrum for the content, its gold.

  3. Hi Mark, you mentioned writing the exam on June/Dec 2019 won't make Level 2 happen in June 2020. May I know the reason why? And is it possible to send you my exam result and have a bit of your consultation? Thank you very much.

  4. Sir, I worked really hard for this exam. Towards the end I ran out of time and failed to prepare properly in 3 subject areas. But my percentage were also quite low in areas I was prepared for. I didn't even score crossed 70% in any of them. I am really felling demotivated. Should I continue with my CFA programme or drop the idea of being a CFA?
    Please help..!!

  5. Pass! 😉 now I am re-reading the whole FRA level 1 before starting on lvl 2, was my worst section. 6/9 sections in the 90th and above percentile! Thanks for the videos

  6. I am one of your students and I passed thanks to you! Especially the ethics section where I only focussed on your lectures is where I did best.Many thanks.
    My dilemma now is – if we have enough time to write the level 2 in June ( have a full time job)

  7. I failed by a significantly small margin. I actually did work very hard and passionately (so I thought) put in at least 400 hrs. I am so upset, I feel like a damn failure. I really regret not registering on your website. ughh how do I get over this feeling??

  8. If I had you as my professor for my Bar exams, I definitely would have had a distinction. I passed the L1 exams cos of your videos, pep talks and analysis. Thank you.
    From Nigeria.

  9. Mark you are my hero really i am from Egypt you helped me so much really thanks I passed bec. Of you .

    Please help me in getting level 2 preparation please how can I get everything .

    Finally really million thanks

  10. Just got my results a few moments ago. I have been re-reading the email over and over just to make sure I am not dreaming, but I passed. Yours videos (both the substantive ones and the "pep talk" ones) were a major help in achieving that result. Thank you so much for all that you have done.

  11. Hello Mark, I have just started studying for level 1. I am not working fulltime, I have enough time for studying right? Appreciate all the effort you put into your videos and material, thanks!

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