CBD and Hemp Oil for Workouts and Recovery w/ Driven Nutrition’s Jason Rule

Take a free quiz to see if CBD is right for you: Driven Nutrition Owner Jason Rule flew into to San Diego to hang out with us …


  1. Thanks so much for tackling this topic and spreading the information. Although, this 'take a quiz and see if CBD is right for you' thing is very misleading. If you're a human being (or any animal except insects), then supplementing CBD is technically right for you. It would be similar to, "Take this quiz and see if H2O is right for you." The question is to what degree you are, or are not, dealing with a deficiency. Technically, anytime the body is thrown out of homeostasis, supplementing CBD (interpreted by the body as 2-AG; the mimetic endocannabinoid equivalent) cannabidiol could potentially help forgiving any undiagnosed endocannabinoid deficiency – in other words, the body's inability to process or utilize phytocannabinoids. CBD = 2AG within the body. Once you recognize this fact, everything takes on a whole new meaning in terms of cannabis.

  2. Great info guys! I'm excited to try it!! I have been using a different brand but I love the science behind everything you guys talked about! Love to be informed and not waste money on "less than" products.

  3. Mad props to all four of you gentlemen (and camera person lol) – a very informative conversation, decent science-talk, plenty of critical thinking and flow. Loved it! While I personally have been incorporating THC (to compound with Anandamide) with workouts for 20'ish years, CBD is a completely different story. Not a performance enhancer for me, and it sort of soothes the 'furious energy' out of the experience. The energy is still there, I often find myself adding more sets on 'CBD days' just not at the same level of intensity, or urgency, that I'm more accustomed to with just a puff or two off Marijuana flower before the workout. That being said, CBD seems to boost my body's innate restorative power. For me personally, if I use a full spectrum hemp CBD tincture/extract for a week, there's no such thing as getting sore. Not really. I mean I can push to the point where normally I'd have sore muscles, but either the CBD has essentially repaired it, or muffled this soreness to the point I can't really feel it.

    Also, just saying, with industrial hemp farming going legal in the U.S. there's soon going to be more than enough of the plant to go around for more entrepreneurs to get into the game. I have tons of respect for well-researched affiliates and promoting solid well-established companies, but as we go forth into a whole new paradigm of industrial hemp farming across the Union, we need to try and avoid too much centralization. We don't want to get to the point in a decade where Whole Foods, Walmart, and Kroger are completely dominating the market. Industrial hemp is ours 🙂

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