Artie Lange is still alive and hasnt relapse he claims. Reveals he was “almost” kidnapped

Artie Lange at Home (2019). He denies the RadarOnline article that claims he relapsed. He also claims he was almost kidnapped and new details about his …


  1. All the negative comments…none of you pussies could kick any kind of bad habit. The ignorant people that talk shit are the people with NO empathy or compassion for another human being. I love Artie Lange. He's still Artie, and still funnier than any of the people in this comment section trying to shit on Artie with some "junkie" reference. I will always Route for Artie and hope he gets better. Fuck all you who try to bring people down.

  2. Leave the guy alone it's his body his life he has the right to do or put whatever he wants into his body. And of course he is going to lie about being sober if he told the truth he would be fired. Maybe all of the assholes analyzing his life should fix there own problems first.

  3. Will he just die already so we can stop re-visiting Artie Lang and his drug abuse. He once was awesome, when he wasn't a full blown dont give a S**t junkie. Y'all a bunch of enablers. If he didn't have a name or background he'd be yer regular local junkie that u dont give a s**t about….this is the same guy.

  4. Aaaarrrgghhhuuuggghhh…this is Artie. Aaaarggguugghhh… I swear to God I’m clean this time. Aaaruggghh.. and my bookie…aaarauggh punched me in the nose. Duhhhaaaaragahh…I snorted glass… aaarggghhhughhh…Howard. Howard

  5. Artie's a typical junky. For the entire time he has been on a microphone dating back almost 20 years ago he says I was using and now ive been clean for 2 weeks and ive got great help now and I know I have to do this and has never gotten clean. No doubt he will be dead within the next 18 months.

  6. He needs intense, more than 30 days inpatient rehabilitation if he wants any chance of getting his life together. People should stop paying attention to him maybe that'll get him to go.

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