1. I wish I’d known you in 2015. My ex partner had went bankrupt without my knowing for allegedly owing £11,000 to HMRC the court instructed Begbies Traynor as the Official Receiver/trustee. They then employed a vile fraudster solicitor called Deborah Androulla Nigh who because he had nothing worth taken from his home they seized the entire contents of my home claiming it was all his, I had receipts etc for most of the furniture (all antiques) but the court refused me permission to use them when I was one day late filing them with the Maidstone court. My ex went on to kill himself. I’ve never come across such dishonesty in my entire life!!!!

  2. Governments are thieves who steal every solitary penny from the People. Why did the first immigrants to the USA from UK decide to flee from a Tyrant Mad king George on the Mayflower. They was sick of his despotic regime and lust for power. We only have to turn the tables like they did to remove this Blight which is a cancer that is growing exponentially. use their laws against them IE Blacks law in their admiralty law courts. Our unalienable rights as given by the creator or natural law, not laws of fines and thuggery imposed upon us by a criminal cabal who's only mission is to destroy us and our God given rights.

  3. Mark all these papers and TV are controlled as you know and all their journalists cannot report the truth, their controlled as well everything they write is screened and edited , so if it's a good bullshit story your after take you pick mate !!

  4. Traitors the lot of them
    Guilty of crimes against humanity from the cradle to the grave you are robbed abused left rite and centre when will the bulk of the people wake
    Don't vote for any of them your just giving them consent to make your life further restricted in every area whilst they accumulate fortunes out of suffering why the fck vote

  5. Will government reprieve cannabis related sentences… of course not…
    As there is money even in tainted cannabis… of course they will…
    No one can stop the exponential common collective consciousness… consciousness…

  6. About that YV caravan in Canada – It is being organized to take place after the winter and will start in Edmonton, Alberta and end in Ottawa, Ontario. Can't find that in the rags though. 🙂

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