What happens after you quit smoking?

What happens after you quit smoking cigarettes? Well here is a day by day example of this very question. Quit smoking my friends! Let me know if you’ve quit …


  1. I'm over 4 years smoke free because of vaping! My first 2 weeks was smoking and vaping but I noticed the more I vaped the less I smoked. One day I decided to vape only and I've never went back. I was amazed at how good I started to feel. Best decision I ever made.

  2. I'm about 3 years running clean … from smokes all vaping was definitely rough got vape tongue from the switch lasted about to weeks an the feeling after all that relief … coughing, taste, smell definitely improve being a former athlete hitting a down path ..the. Kicking it n getting better it was a big improvement all around n a big thanks to lew an Alex form vapor hut they helped out big time ..thanks guys

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