1. Thank you my brother I've been taken medicine that is rendered me constipated for years and I'm trying to detoxify my system and I know charcoal plus works but I did not know what you said so it's very helpful thank you brother may love life and peace be with you

  2. Can You Combine Activated Charcoal with colloidal silver?

    Currently Doing a Candida cleanse Without the use of chemical antibiotics and found colloidal silver is the best to use with out absolutely destroying my micro-biome. I wanted to incorporate coconut activated charcoal as well to lessen die-off effects and pull out all toxins and detox. But what iโ€™m really wondering would the activated charcoal render the colloidal silver useless since the charcoal to binds metals? Although silver is a softer metal (Alloy). The silver iโ€™m using is at 10ppm and at a nano size and will have no problem passing through the blood. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

  3. In eastern Europe we used activate charcoal for a very long long time, when I was kid I use it when ever you have diary and I still use it til this day. But its not good for the consumption on everyday use. And today people are like crazy about it lol, its almost like it can quire cancer ๐Ÿ˜€ lol…….

  4. You can take it you have to just drink plenty of water Also you have to replenish with MINERALS!!! VERY IMPORTANT after the Cleanse TAKE MINERALS!! because it can pull out your minerals it draws Toxins Metals. so if you are someone who takes this Daily make sure you replenish minerals.

  5. i cannot be more blown away. Dude you absolutely must be simoly parroting what you hear. i literally just saw on youtube home page your two videos back to back which are totally contradictory to one another. "Clean your liver with activated charcoal internally" and then "Warning, do not take activated charcoal internally" They were made about a year apart from one another, so if you had any true desire to help people you might wanna consider going back and placing said warning on the liver video, and anywhere else you have made charcoal video or any other video where you have posted contradictory advice to priorly posted videos. o
    Oh yeah, and I have never heard you mention that taking charcoal more than once a week after intial first week of detox can cause malnourishment of vitamins and nutrients. With daily use, it cause cause malnourishment of the whole system and cause catabolic breakdown of tissue and organs, especially in people who labor hard daily.

  6. High protein diet like meat is infamous for constipation because it is very dry and contains no fibers to retain moisture in the fecal matter. Cut out animal meat and increase fruits and vegetables and constipation goes away 99.9999% of the time within days.

  7. Sun Fruit Dan, how do I take the bentonite clay on an intermittent diet. I am only eating between 2 & 6 pm. I also drink baking soda & ACV every morning and night on an empty stomach.

  8. Do you mean bad digestion or do you mean irregular bowel movements? Those are two different things. Bad digestion means you don't absorb the nutrients into the body efficiently. What goes in comes out almost the same at the other end, so to speak. Irregular bowel movements means you don't do your no. 2 daily because your stools are too dry, most likely due to a high protein coupled with a low fiber diet. Which type of situation is contraindicated for activated charcoal? As for bentonite clay, I heard that people got lead poisoning from the lead contamination in the bentonite clay. Is this true?

  9. You are so right! I have suffered digestive issues mainly constipation and burping and bloating after eating, even if itโ€™s just a fruit I ate! I started AC two days ago first thing in morning with plenty of distilled water and I couldnโ€™t understand why I didnโ€™t have my usual morning bowel movement…. thanks to you posting this clip now I know. I will stop the AC and try the bentonite clay instead because my purpose is to help detox and heal.
    I love your postings, please donโ€™t stop!

  10. When is the best time to take bentonite clay? Before bed or in morning? Will this break a fast? I am currently taking turpentine with caster oil for yeast and parasites should I take the clay before or after the turpentine? And finally should I take the clay on an empty stomach? I am also doing intermittent fasting 18:6. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  12. I started Turpentine a few days ago. Segments plus part of a tapeworm came out during enema flush. Iโ€™m sold on this Turpentine. Thanks for all you do. Iโ€™m passing on this newfound knowledge.

  13. Thank you Dan, what are your thoughts on diatomaceous earth? I've been taking it everyday for like 3 months, feel great and skin shiny and remoisturized.. It's similar to charcoal and bent clay right?

  14. I stopped taking Activated Charcoal internally because around that time I started getting dizzy and my balance was off. I dont know if the Charcoal was the culprit but since I've stopped I dont have those issues. Plus I became addicted to eating it. Smh
    Have there been any research or story about someone becoming ill after taking it for awhile?

  15. Hey what about diatemaceous earth and zeolite, I have been drinking it and I like it, and drinking kombucha with it, I think it's similar to the charcoal because it really backs you up if you don't drink enough water!

  16. I'm still fighting parasites n tapeworms huge tapeworms n Ive been on diamond g TURPENTINE treatment 1tsp day with sugar, castor oil hr later for over a month now giving myself 2-3 days a WK to build my immune system with good belly PROBIOTICS but after the 2nd day, I'm feeling MOVEMENT AGAIN on my head and die off symptoms in my neck, kidneys and joints. I realize I'm a heavily infested person, being half Korean but a u.s citizen, I hear Asians retain PARASITES more than others. How long did it take ur friend that was bedridden with EXPELLING 100s of PARASITES to finally get well? I can tell I still have a very large tapeworm with segments u can even c the outline of it on my neck and back Sometimes n I kinda have lots of movement on head CAUSING veins to show on my head… I heard it will kill tapeworms n brain PARASITES but how long is my question? As soon as I take TURPENTINE I have TERRIBLE die off symptoms n Sometimes I can feel the tapeworm trying to get away from the gut to the brain/head. Have u come across anyone else as bad case as me? If so, how much do you charge for coaching? I can leave my email or phone number. I've commented a few times before never getting a response and I am just scared n don't know what to do.. I've gone to infectious disease drs to no avail, just taken my money and praziquental didn't work. TURPENTINE treatment with castor oil and sugar gives me Candida n worms die off Everytime I do it! So I no it works! ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm EXPELLING WORMS, just not this huge one obviously cuz I can still feel it moving on the day's I don't take TURPENTINE. What can you suggest? Please help me I've never been this sick in my life!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’™

  17. Hi there Dan wish I was there !!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š thank you for sharing this with us . I only have 1 bowl movement a day!! ๐Ÿ˜“ I want to start the Turpentine/castor parasite cleanse! So Iโ€™ll skip the charcoal then.๐Ÿ‘ take care from London ๐Ÿคš๐Ÿพ

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