1. Peace, family! Hope you enjoyed the vlog <3 The hard drive with all of our videos and photos on it crashed this week; so we lost all of our videos/photos from our life on the road. If you feel it in your heart, we are accepting donations to help us afford a new and higher quality external hard drive so we can continue to create vlogs for all of you to enjoy. Donate here: http://www.paypal.com/earthmamamedicine Anything is appreciated.
    Much love to all of you.

  2. You guys are awesome. Me and my wife watch u all the time. Love seeing black young couples live life on the edge. We’re 3 months into our RV living and it’s been amazing . It’s been up and down but your channel makes us feel like we’re doing something right

  3. I bet those 5 days off helped with the eye twitch, I don't notice it in this video… Hate to bring it up if you put it off your mind… Sometimes all these electronic devices and pressure of being in the media can stress you and take a physical toll on tour body.. Mtheybsaubdont sleep near any electronic devices, especially your phone… I belive absorbs your energy from you…

  4. you have to stop at this little independent coffee shop in Fruita, CO (right outside of Utah, 4 hours from Denver) called BestSlope Coffee Co.! I work there and I may be the only vegan in my town (the struggle) I would love to make yall a mean coconut mylk latte or some tea.

  5. I just came back from CO today! You MUST try WaterCourse Foods in Denver and start with the caesar salad, so tasty the waitress was even nice enough to get me the recipe👌🏼. City O’ City (Denver), has amazing vegan kimchi pancakes too! If you’re in Boulder, Thrive has a great raw food scene. And if you end up in Colorado Springs the Garden of the Gods is pretty and you can hit up Moxie’s for lunch, another all vegan gem. Nederlands is another quaint mountain town, known for hiking and cute shops etc. Enjoy and stay cool in that blazing Colorado sun☀️😎!

  6. I can’t wait to see what y’all find in CO. I’m from NY I moved to CO for about a year then left. Now I plan on moving back. Maybe you will find some interesting places for me to visit.

    Also this is some what of a dumb question but these mushrooms..are they similar to shrooms? Like cousins..

  7. I live in Colorado Springs! I think you guys would really like it in Manitou its a cute hipster town. Also if you can make a stop in Steamboat Springs and go in the hot springs you will love that too. My husband and I went a few weeks ago, its fresh spring water full of minerals and its so relaxing. I think you guys will love Colorado!

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